Leaving Portland

I am leaving Portland, Oregon... Which also means that I am leaving Closeknit on Alberta Street in NE Portland.

My last days at the shop will be March 5 through March 7.

Please come on by to say goodbye to me! I would like to give you a big hug and thank you personally for all the sweet encounters we've had. You have been so kind to me and so supportive of me and it breaks my heart to leave.

But as is my wandering spirit, I am embarking onto new adventures. I will be heading to San Francisco and end of Summer, me and my husband will be traveling back to New York City.

You guys, this is a very short blogpost. As you may understand, I am packing up my stuff and it is keeping me quite occupied.

Again, please come see me at the shop before I leave. And let me give you a big goodbye hug. It will be quiet around here for a bit... As soon as I am settled in San Francisco, which will be mid March,  I will post again.

Until then!


Dearest Nancy ~ I am so sorry

Dearest Nancy ~ I am so sorry that I have not been by the store to visit and pick up a new project. I have been so busy with planning our daughters wedding. I wish you the best in your travels and I know that where ever you land, those around you will be lucky. Thank you for all your help with all of my silly questions. Jeannette

Oh no, Nancy! I kept telling

Oh no, Nancy!
I kept telling myself "next time I make it to PDX I will call Nancy..." and darn it, I never did!
I wish you the most exciting endeavors and fulfilling adventures!

Olga from Manzanita

If you would like some

If you would like some friendship and company while you are in the SF Bay Area, please get in touch with me. I can introduce you to some knitters and knitting shops in the East Bay - Oakland and Berkeley. In the meantime, much luck on your move. take care dearest Nancy!

Good luck with your move!

Good luck with your move! It's sad to know you won't be around anymore (especially as i just found out that we have a friend in common -Barbara B.) , but am looking forward to read about your new adventures!

good luck with your move! i

good luck with your move! i am sure you will find happiness in san francisco. i hope the move is for a psoitive reason and look forward to hearing and seeing all your new knitting adventures!

i came into the shop today

i came into the shop today with a emergency tutorial need... needed to see your kind face ;(
You have inspired me to blog an knit! You are missed already!

Oh! So sorry to see you go.

Oh! So sorry to see you go. Wishing you well in your new adventure!

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