Learning how to read a chart


Reading Charts

Unlike Evelyn A. Clark's Flower Basket Shawl pattern, the Springtime Bandit pattern by Kate Gagnon Osborn does not provide fully written out instructions. When one considers to knit the Springtime Bandit, be prepared to read charts.

I have always avoided charts, and prefer the fully written out instructions, but Kate forces me to finally get over my fear and gain confidence in reading charts.

One learns most when one is taken out of their comfort zone. Thank, you Kate Gagnon Osborn. I now am no longer afraid of charts. I am an empowered knitter thanks to Kate!

Don't talk to me! I am counting. Okay?

Reading Charts1

Knitting lace requires my full attention. I remember when I first started to knit lace, complete silence around me was absolutely mandatory.

No tv, no radio, absolutely no talking and I would even still my own thoughts. Oh man... let me tell ya, there is no messin' around with lace. One yarn over too many or too few can totally offset everything!

But, dear reader, as you may know, a knitting problem CAN ALWAYS BE SOLVED. So don't let me scare you here. Knitting lace is also a lot of fun and the results...ah the results are STUNNING!

Tricking newbies into knitting lace


When I worked at the yarnshop Closeknit on Alberta Street in NE Portland, I often times tricked fairly new knitters into knitting lace.

I would present to them a sample of my Long Fingerless Adrienne Gloves, and told them they should try knitting those.

The pattern consists of the Feather and Fan lace, however, the "yarn overs" are replaced by "knit in front and back" which results in scallops without "negative space".


When the knitter would come back to the store and showed me with glee their finished Adrienne Gloves, I would congratulate them with such a beautiful finished project and then, after the facts, I would reveal to them that they had knitted a lace piece.

You should have seen the expression on their face. PRICELESS!

I always LOVE to empower knitters...

Ready to do lace? Go with Feather and Fan!


If you have never tried lace before, and you think you are ready to, I would recommend you to give the Feather and Fan pattern a try.

It is, in my humble opinion, the easiest lace pattern out there. The following links will direct you to a couple of patterns I offer for free:

Feather and Fan Scarf

Long Fingerless Glove Adrienne

To the experienced knitters out there: if you know of a fairly easy lace pattern for newbie lace knitters to try out, leave a comment in the comment section. I am sure we all can benefit from it!

Almost done with Springtime Bandit

Just a few rows more and I am done with my Springtime Bandit. I am having some troubles with the last bit of the edging part; the rhythm is completely throwing me off and I am making mistake after mistake.

However, I keep on going because I know that the result will be stunning.

And I want my Springtime Bandit. Really bad.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


I love lace! But I've never

I love lace! But I've never knit feather and fan...

I am currently knitting a fan

I am currently knitting a fan & feather piece and I love it. I use as many stitch markers as I possibly can when knitting lace.

Seems like knitting from charts hasn't been around all that long but I like it. I prefer to have both written instructions and charts.

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