Since last we spoke...

Since last we spoke12

Oh boy, has it been that long since last we spoke? 

Allthough things were quiet around here online, my off line knitting life has been very busy! I have been knitting and designing like crazy... lots to talk about!

Obsessed by the Kimono Cape

Since last we spoke1

Remember my Kimono Cape I finished in March? Well, since last we spoke, I have knitted two more. I got so obsessed by this piece, I simply needed to see it knit up in a larger gauge and a smaller gauge. I am crazy yes? 

Here you see the one I knit up in a bulky Lion Brand yarn with needle size US15. When my friend Hannah tried it on, it looked so great on her that I gifted her the piece. It looks STUNNING on her!

Since last we spoke4 Since last we spoke5

Right after I finished this black Kimono Cape, I had the urge to knit it up in a smaller gauge. When Jennifer, one of the owners of La Casita yarn shop cafe, jokingly hinted that she wanted a Kimono Cape too, I didn't think twice and made her one. I used Malabrigo Rios and I am happy with the result.

Since last we spoke8

Both Jennifer and Hannah have been wearing their Kimono Cape often and I am quite pleased about that. They are the best recipients of knitted items ever!

What else have I been doing?

Hmmm, let's see... I turned 39 in March, hurray! I just realized that my blog has seen its 4th birthday at the beginning of April, double hurray!

I cut of my hair and am back to a bob hairstyle:

Since last we spoke6

During a Vogue Knitting event at La Casita yarn shop cafe I met the wonderful editors of Vogue Knitting:

Since last we spoke7

From left to right: Trisha Malcolm, Rosemary Drysdale and Renee Lorion.

And last but certainly not least, I have been designing for Jade Sapphire. In March, they send me a box full of their cashmeres and a new yarn called "Moonlight" a hand spun 50% cashmere 50% combed mink. It's delicious... I had so much fun designing with it!

Since last we spoke12

For this new yarn, I designed two pieces and I just cannot wait to show you!!! Oh gosh, I cannot stand this... maybe I will give you a little sneak peek right now:

Since last we spoke13 Since last we spoke14

Ooooh, I cannot wait to show you what else I have designed!!!

Okay, okay, twist my arm, here's another sneak peek... this one is made with Jade Sapphire's 12-ply 100% cashmere:

Since last we spoke9

Somebody hold me back! I cannot show you everything right now... 

With my head deep in stitches

Since last we spoke11

Needless to say, over the past few weeks I have been pretty busy designing, writing patterns and knitting samples. 

I have been with my head deep in stitches, dedicated to deliver good patterns for knitters. 

Let me tell you, designing and writing patterns is a lot of work. For the past few weeks I have had no time for anything else but knitting. Nearly every day one could find me at the bar at La Casita yarn shop cafe in Brooklyn, working hard while having snacks and a good cold Belgium Lambic frambois beer. 

Since last we spoke10

So far, I have finished 5 new patterns in total and 2 are still in the works. As I am writing this, graphic designers are working on all 5 patterns and I still need to schedule a photo shoot with a model.

See, I am a one woman show. Except for graphic design, I do everything myself. From the initial design, to writing the pattern, to knitting the samples, to taking pictures. 

Boy oh boy, I am so excited to introduce my new patterns to you!

Thanks for reading, folks... and thanks for putting up with me not blogging for such a long time...



I love the bob on you, it looks fantastic. I'm not certain which looks better, your new hair or your new designs  ;-p 


i never entered any info here, but just so you know, that last comment was from me -- vanessa m!


happy birthday! and happy knitting!! your designs for Jade Saphire are breathtaking! i can't wait to see more.  (ps. very cute haircut, by the way!) 

Was worried about you during

Was worried about you during your absence.  Glad to hear that your time away from blogging was positive and productive!

Good to hear from you!  I was

Good to hear from you!  I was just wondering yesterday how you were doing and intended to email...but you know how that goes. =)  Glad to hear of your success and business.


I love a Kimono Cape too. Nancy your designs are so nice. I am also so happy for everything that happening to you.                                                               good luck                                                      Alex 

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