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Several months ago, right before summer started,  my friend from the blog Knittoo, posted an inspirational picture of several lace shawls on Pinterest.

When I saw those gorgeous shawls made by the talented NJSTACIE, it inspired me to make lots and lots of lace shawls myself. I decided that I was going to carefully "study" lace knitting and boy did I have fun doing so. 

I have made 8 shawls in total over the last couple of months and I enjoyed making every single one of them. Today, I would like to share several of my favorite shawls with you, all of which are modeled by my gorgeous friend Marie.

Haruni shawl by Emily Ross

My favorite shawl is the one designed my Emily Ross called "Haruni". This beauty of a lace shawl, my friends, reigns supreme!

My first Haruni is made with Madeline Tosh lace, colorway "Fragrant" (for detailed info about this project, click here):

Marie_fuchsia_haruni marie_fuchsia_haruni3

My second Haruni is made with Madeline Tosh Lace, colorway "Alabaster" (for detailed info about this project, click here):

marieyellowharuni2 marieyellowharuni

This shawl was so much fun to knit and I simply love all the lace details. It is extremely well written and it is very entertaining to knit. The outcome is simply stunning and I have the urge to knit this design in many more colors.

Here is a close up, isn't it just breathtakingly beautiful?


Many thanks to designer Emily Ross for sharing her beautiful Haruni pattern for free with all of us! What a treat...

Shetland Lace Triangle by Evelyn A. Clark

Next up is the Shetland Lace Triangle Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark made out of Madeline Tosh Prairie colorway "Clover" (for more detailed info about this project click here):


As with all of Evelyn Clark's patterns, this one is very well written and very easy to follow. 

Oh my word, does it look good on Marie or what?

ShetlandLaceBlue4 ShetlandLaceBleu3

Go knit yourself a Shetland Lace Triangle too! You won't regret it, I promise...

Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes

Last one for today is the Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes out of Malabrigo sock yarn colorway "Rayon Vert" (for more detailed info about this project click here):


In the original Holden design, only the bottom part has the wavey patterning. I however, made it an all over patterning. I like how it came out!

Marie_holden3 Marie_Holden2

This pattern has a very nice rhythm to it and very easy to knit. And guess what? designer Mindy Wilkes is offering this pattern for free!

How we inspire each other

Isn't great how we inspire each other to knit beautiful items?

NJSTACIE's beautiful medley shawl picture inspired me enormously and jolted me to go on a lace rampage. 

And hopefully, I on my turn will inspire you to pick up your needles and try your hand on lace shawls.

This is what I love most about my we inspire each other.

So... what are you waiting for? Which one are you going to knit? Let me know!

Special thanks to NJSTACIE for letting me use her Medley Shawl picture in this blogpost.

haruni10  ShetlandLaceBlue2  ShetlandLaceBlue1 haruniyellow




Here you are!!

I'd lost the bookmark I had for your blog so I did a bit of searching.  Your knitting and designs are gorgeous!!  Hope all is well.Joanne

Hi Joanne!!! Glad you found

Hi Joanne!!! Glad you found me again!!!

lace obsession

love your knitting and love lace, what gorgeous shawls

Hey there, I loved knitting

Hey there, I loved knitting these shawls so much... hope you are having as much fun knitting lace as I do!

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