La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe in Brooklyn Part 2: Community




Continuing putting La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe in Brooklyn in the spotlight this week, I would like to highlight a very important part of this shop: its community.

What gives La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe its life and soul is the tight knit community of knitters and crocheters.



I love how there is always something happening. Jenn, the fabulous owner of La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe, makes sure that her community is entertained with classes, fashion shows, trunkshows, and simply gatherings of knitters and crocheters. Her keen eye on what is happening in the industry and what her community responds to, always shows in everything she organizes in her shop.


More than once, Vogue Knitting Magazine has graced her shop with a trunkshow in which knitters are can see the latest and the greatest designs in person and they can try them on. We always have so much fun during these events!

For instance, in the picture below, a customer is fabulously donning a design from Vogue Knitting Pre Fall 2011. I remember the enthusiasm of the crowd when this piece was shown. This is a design called Cable Rib Jacket designed by Vladimir Teriokhin. Isn't it stunning?




Nancy Ricci Fashion show in September 2013

When the owner Jenn contacted me to talk about a possible fashion show in which my designs are featured, I screamed and almost peed my pants! Of course I was game, and we made it happen back in September 2013.

We asked several members of the La Casita community whether they would be models, and I was so thrilled when they said YES

Fashion Show at La Casita 2013

I was so nervous for the show, we had sent out invitations and my biggest fear was that nobody would show up. I am happy to report that we sold out of tickets. And I am even happier to report that not only members of the La Casita community attended the show, but also members of the Knitty City community showed up!

We all had a blast. We drank, we laughed, we enjoyed the pieces being shown, and most of all we so much enjoyed ourselves. Hurray for such vibrant community gatherings in our industry!

Of course I have to show you some pictures and pieces of the show...

Here you see my Obsession Scarf out of Rowan Big Wool and also a pair of fingerless gloves called Adrienne:

ObsessionBigWool La Casita Fashion6


Here you see The Summer Ponchette made out of Jade Sapphire Cashmere/Silk Blend:


SummerPonchette Fashion Show at La Casita 2013


Here is the Shelley Summer Top in a solid colorway made out of Cascade Pima Cotton:


Shelley Summer Top La Casita Fashion3


And here we have the Ingrid Top made out of Lang Sol, a beautiful combed cotton tape yarn:


Yellow Top La Casita Fashion Show 2013

Of course we had much more pieces, this is just a snippet of the show!

Heart and Soul

I hope you enjoyed reading about La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe and its community. This little yarn shop is my heart and soul and I hope you will have a change to visit someday if you haven't before.


The reason I wanted to highlight La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe is because they have been so good to me ever since I arrived in New York City back in 2010.

Starting all over in a new city is not easy. I am so thankful and grateful that the good people of La Casita embraced me and put their trust in me and my work.

This is how I give back to them, what they have given to me.

Let us inspire each other, encourage each other and embrace each other to reach higher grounds together!


Thank you for reading and until the next entry!