La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe in Brooklyn



La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe in Brooklyn


Situated in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn, resides an adorable yarn shop named "La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe". Petite in size, however grand in character, this yarn shop stole my heart when I first found it when I had just arrived in New York City back in 2010.


La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe in Brooklyn


As I entered the shop rather shyly, I was immediately taken by its friendliness and I couldn't help but feel being "home". I took at a seat at the bar, ordered a latte and and simply soaked in all the good energy that was floating around.

In the background, I could hear merengue music soflty playing, a knitter was happily working away in a comfortable couch, somebody behind the bar was preparing an order of empanadas and everything simply felt relaxed and comfortable.

La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe in Brooklyn


Not to mention all the beautiful yarns neatly stacked and utterly enticing!


La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe in Brooklyn


Feeling embraced and welcomed by La Casita's wonderful community

La Casita is not only an adorable shop, it also has a loyal following and wonderful community. There is always cool stuff happening, classes, a fashion show, a trunk show, kids gathering and knitting/crocheting and groups gathering and knitting/crocheting.

I am so happy to report that this wonderful community has been very kind to me. They have embraced me and my design work, welcomed me and encouraged me to continue designing. And they showed their love and support during a trunkshow of my design work!

Trunk show at La Casita7

Trunk show at La Casita1

Trunk show at La Casita3

Since last we spoke5

I feel so lucky to receive such great support from this beautiful La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe community!

As I am writing this post, I realize I simply cannot cover everything in just one single write up. I must pepare another post and highlight all the fun stuff and fun happenings at La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe. this space, because another post is coming up later this week in which I will also write about my fashion show at La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe back in 2013.

Nancy Ricci

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!




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