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Don't you just love finding inspiration at yarn shops? This week I found inspiration at the Lion Brand Studio in the Union Square area, Schoolproduct Yarns in the Fashion District and Knitty City on the Upper West Side.

At Knitty City I fondled yarns, browsed through books and admired other knitter's projects. One lady, I believe she teaches at the shop, was wearing a stunningly beautiful shawl with leaves at the border. Upon closer inspection, I saw that she had little beads placed in the middle of every leaf.

It was so beautiful, I simply had to buy the pattern: Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos. The kind lady told me that I needed a crochet hook to place the beads and she explained to me how to do it. She hooked me up with everything I needed:


What a small crochet hook! It looks like a sewing needle at the tip...

Then, while I was browsing through some books, my eye went right to a lady's sock that was visible through her Mary Jane shoes. And I immediately inquired what pattern it was. The lady, called Janet, told me she found it on Ravelry and that it was a very easy sock pattern.

I got some sock yarn and when I came home, Janet had befriended me on Ravelry and gave me a link to the pattern: Spring forward socks by Linda Welch.

I started casting on right away and I am almost done with my first one:


Usually, I stay away from double pointed needles as far as I possibly can, but seeing Janet's socks left me no choice but to make them too! 

I simply love it when other knitters inspire me with their beautiful work. To see what other's have made and to talk about it and to exchange tips is one of the joys of being in a yarn shop. We can connect one on one, and see each other and our work in person.

Yarn shops and the people I meet at the shop are very invaluable to me. How about you? Do you love to go to yarn shops too? And connect with other knitters? 

A stellar week

Riverside Drive

It has been a stellar week here in NYC. We've had really beautiful weather and me and the husband took a long walk last Monday and explored Riverside Drive Park.

I ventured out to different neighborhoods of the city because I wanted to visit several yarn shops:

DSC_8339 DSC_8372

All the headbands for my Three Ladies Project are finished and just need to be seamed up, packaged and send off to Rachel and Charly:

on the hunt3 Headbands for Rachel

on the hunt4Headband for Charly

And my productive week ends on a somewhat bummer note. I am feeling not well at all, a bad cold has been keeping me in bed all day. 

Sigh... what are you going to do, eh? This weekend I will just rest, have lots of chicken noodle soup and a good dose of tender loving care from my husband.

Have a great weekend and hope you will have lots of downtime to knit!



Get well soon

Drink as much chicken soup as you can. Keep warm. J.

Chicken soup

Thanks, J, I have had lots of chicken soup over the past few days...Keeping warm with all my knitted goodies :)

So sorry you are feeling

So sorry you are feeling badly enough to not even knit! Hope you are up and about soon to take us meandering through the streets of NYC once again. I so envy you the number of yarn shops available to you! There are only two in my greater surrounding area, each unique and very different and I like visiting them, but sometimes long for more. Oh well, contentment is the name of the game. Do recover soon! :-)


Hi there!

I like what you said about me "meandering through the streets of NYC", that is exactly what I am doing and I am happy to share with you all.

I feel so lucky to be able to visit all of those shops and am even more lucky I can do so by hopping on the subway. See, I don't drive a car! I wouldn't know how to, even if I owned a vehicle :)

Let me take you with me on my adventures, here in NYC. This website of mine is my "creative" vehicle and it can take many many people. Hop on, I'd say! 

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it so much.

Those socks are great! Sorry

Those socks are great! Sorry you aren't feeling well. Get lots of rest so you can delight us with more of your wonderful scenes of NYC.


Yes, have been resting all day, couldn't even knit...wah!I want to go out and play :) 

I'm just finishing up the

I'm just finishing up the Cedar Leaf pattern and have a word of warning.  The pattern calls for 350 yds.  I'm knitting tighter than guage and will need every inch of the 375 yards I have.  I knit it the first time (at the proper guage) and came up three leaves short, so I ripped out the whole thing and am at it again.  It's a nail bitter, but if I trust my scale, I should have 2-3 grams left.With your dislike of DPNs, had you ever tried Magic Loop?  I knit a LOT of socks and it's my favorite method, even though I have nothing against DPNs.  Just another option for you.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hi there, 

Thanks for the heads up about the Cedar Leaf pattern. Yikes, not being sure to have enough yarn when you are finishing up is so stressful. I don't like knitting with that feeling!

I need to try magic loop and I heard there is also another method to knit socks with two needles. I want to address these methods here on Getting Purly With It.

Thanks for your tips! Everybody can learn from each other's tips.

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