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While browsing on Ravelry for lace shawls, I happened to stumble on several gorgeous pieces. Every time I would queue these pieces, I noticed that they were all designed by one and the same designer.

I see a lot of designs. Every single day I flip through books and magazine, browse through the Internet, always on the search for pieces that make me pause and make my heart skip a beat.

It is almost as if I am treasure hunting. I patiently wade through hundreds and hundreds of patterns, waiting for that talented designer to encapture me. And such a designer I have found in Kitman Figueroa.

Kitman Figueroa's body of work is strikingly beautiful and deserves a lot of attention. On Ravelry she already has listed over 20 designs, each and every piece is crisp and gorgeous. Today I would love to highlight several of my favorites.


It is no surprise to me that a lot of knitters have chosen to make this shawl; over 321 Damask shawls are either finished or in the making. Even Stephanie Pearl- McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot has this piece on the needles as we speak.


This to me, my dear reader, is pure lace poetry. I love everything about this piece: the scalloping border, the eyelets, the main stitch pattern, the subtle bobbles here and there. All is just a feast for the eye.


Ah, I am weak in the presence of beauty. I cannot wait to make my Damask too!

Peacock Shawlette

One of the first shawls Kitman designed is the Peacock Shawlette. The majority of her triangular shawls are constructed from the bottom up.

In her own words, this Peacock Shawlette is a quick and easy project which you can finish in no time. 


I particularly like how the the upper part of this shawl is not in stockinette stitch. The bottom part indeed resembles peacock feathers and I simply love how that straight stitch in the middle of each feather, continuously runs throughout the whole shawl. Very clean and crisp! 


Also, what great choice of yarn! It is Claudia Handpainted in fingering weight.

My hands are itching to make this shawl...


Jaali is a more intricate design with decorative yarn overs and decreases both on the right and the wrong side. 

Definitely a more challenging knit but oh my, look at the end result!


The famous Frost Flower stitch pattern has been incorporated in this piece. I have seen the Frost Flower stitch pattern in many designs before, but never have I been fully enchanted by it. That is, until Jaali...


When the weather gets cooler, winter comes knocking on our door and the feeling of introvertness is all around me... that is when I will be making this piece. I can already see that it needs my full attention and when the time is there, I will be ready for the challenge.


Often times, a designer is truly inspired by a yarn and its colorway. Such is the case with this design called Cobble. Inspired by a beautiful colorway by the Plucky Knitter Superwash Merino Handpainted, Kitman arrived at this gorgeous piece.


Traveling cables and slipped stitches makes this piece truly unique. And don't get me started on the elegant scaloped edge...

This piece has a more "closed" appearance which I like very much, excellent for cooler weather. I am thinking of making this piece in a luscious alpaca fingering yarn.


Ooooh, I can see myself wearing this piece during Autumn with some jeans, fitted top and high leather boots! Stylin'..!

Taj Mahal

In this piece, Kitman used Sundara Sock yarn and the colorway made her think of the vibrant colorful saris worn by Indian ladies. This is the very reason why she named this piece Taj Mahal.


Eyelets and cable stitches give this design its elegant beauty. Once again, what great marriage of design and yarn!


This top down triangular lace shawl is definitely in my queue...

True talent will not stay unnoticed

Kitman Figueroa is in my opinion a true talent. Her body of work is already very impressive and I am convinced that she will be approached by a publisher. 

Her choice of yarn paired with her design is simply excellent. All of her pieces are harmonious, clean crisp and in my eyes just perfect.

I am very happy to have found her work in Ravelry. At last a designer who's work I completely adore and I have become a dedicated follower.

I am excited to see her design contributions to the hand knitting world and I am confident that she will continue to encapture and inspire many many knitters.

For your convenience, here are links were you can find Kitman Figueroa:

On Raverly: Kitman

On Etsy: Kitfig

On her own website:

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!



I agree with you completely, she is AMAZING. I just finished Batik, and can't wait to start the next Kitman shawl...the question is, Which one next? I love them all!

Same here!

Same here! So hard to choose...I cannot wait to see what Kitman will design in the future.

It's almost too much...

All this beauty in one post! I agree--Kitman is a talent.

Talented for sure...

Yes, such a talent! Guess what I am knitting in the Summer...


Oh Nancy, I am so thrilled by this post that you wrote about me and my designs. It is just too kind of you to spend such time and effort to introduce my designs. Thanks so much for this post Nancy! * tears up *

You deserve attention!

Kitman, you are incredibly talented. Please continue your work, we need you!

Wishing you much much succes!


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