Just 5 strands...

Cashmere by Artyarns

All it takes is just 5 strands... Five strands of mere softness, lusciousness and pure delight make my heart skip a beat and I hold my breath only to exhale in pure excitement. As these 5 strands slide through my fingers, the softness and shine of this incredible yarn just makes me want to scream. However, I have to remind myself that I am not the only one at the Teahouse so I refrain from making loud noises. Instead, I indulge in silent secrecy and the only sound one can detect are the soft click-clicks of my Addi's. I doubt that anyone can hear the sound of 5 strands of pure cashmere sliding through my fingers. This Cashmere 5 by Artyarns is a worsted weight yarn consisting of 5 tiny single plies and it has been waiting patiently in my stash to be knit up. Boy, was it worth the wait...

5 strands

What I am making, you might wonder? With just 93 yards at my cashmere disposal, what else than a skinny scarf... how wonderful it will feel around my neck, how softly the cashmere will caresse my skin...sigh.


I am so hooked...more than anything else, it's the sensation of feeling the cold steel of my crochet hook sliding through my fingers.

However, a sexy pattern will lure me over from the knitting realm to the crochet realm. Look at this beautiful flowery square. Just look at it. How delicate...

Granny Square 

The yarn I am using is Vintage Cotton by Karabella. Excellent for this flowery square! I still have to decide whether I want to commit to make a quilt with this pattern. I am tempted... very tempted... How can one resist when Sally dangles this lovely pattern called Amelie Quilt Blanket by KnitWhits in front of us? So far I am very much liking both knitting and my little adventure steps into crochet!

Crochet and Knit go together

Lots to come home for

You might have guessed already; I am back home in Portland, OR. When I left Florida, I told my husband that I am not sad to go because I have lots to come home for.

Just a year ago, when I had moved to Portland, I did not know anybody at all. There I was, a dutch gal all by her self, no family, no friends, no job and not even my husband was around because he was traveling for work. I remember how alone I felt and how scarry it all was for me...

Now, a year later, I am happy to say that I have met such sweet sweet people who all have welcomed me and I am so happy and fortunate I can call them my friends. Which reminds me... I have to get another installment ready for my "Following my Heart" series!

Today I will leave you with some pictures I took last evening while walking around in my neighborhood. All gifts from Early Spring...


Gifts of Early Spring3 Gifts of Early Spring1 Gifts of Early Spring7 Gifts of Early Spring4 Gifts of Early Spring5 Gifts of Early Spring9 Gifts of Early Spring11 Gifts of Early Spring10 Gifts of Early Spring12 Gifts of Early Spring6

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


I linked to your blog, via

I linked to your blog, via Marianne's, and I am so glad to have found you! You have a beautiful blog and your knitting and photography is inspiring.

So nice to see that spring

So nice to see that spring has arrived at your doorstep too !
The Artyarns cashmere is indeed heaven to knit with, I still have a scarf to finish with it.
Leuk dat je er nog een hobby bij hebt :-) Spinnen is voor mij, na het breien, nu ook een grote rustgevende hobby vooral. Ik vindt het heerlijk om te doen, maar breien stat toch nog op nr. 1. Mijn moeder en tante haakten vroeger ook heel veel, jammer dat ik zer nu niets meer over kan vragen.
De quilt lijkt me heel leuk om te doen, ga je hem in 1 kleur maken of ook in verschillende kleuren ?

Nancy, the flower pictures

Nancy, the flower pictures are breathtaking. What a colorful place Portland must be!

I have only dreamt of knitting with cashmere. I never thought about doing a skinny scarf. That's a good idea for a one-ball purchase, which is all I could likely afford at one time. ;-Þ

Though I remembered you hailed from Europe, I'd forgotten you were Dutch. That explains why you recognized Amsterdam as the setting of the pic of my daughter on my blog. I'm glad our country has welcomed you with such open arms. :-)

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