Intimidated by Socks and dpns Part II

My second Great Adirondack Soxie sock is done! Remember my first soxie?


Here you see the Soxie pair:


In this post I am going to touch two topics:

  1. Anatomy of a sock demystified
  2. Tip for knitting in the round with double pointed needles

In Intimidated by Socks and dpns Part III I am going to touch the following 5 topics:

  1. Zen of picking up stitches
  2. Zen of picking up DROPPED stitches
  3. Seriously getting Geeky with it
  4. How variegated yarn behaves in stockinette stitch
  5. How the journey to get there is more captivating than the destination itself

Before we start I just wanted to say that I am by no means a sock expert. I just wanted to document my own sock journey. Are you ready? Now let's get down to the Knitty Gritty.

1) Anatomy of a sock demystified

With these steps, I merely want to show how the sock is formed. I hope that by seeing these pictures, you will be less intimidated or even better, not intimidated at all anymore! The pattern that I used for this sock is described in my post "How does one describe Beauty". However, with this Great Adirondack yarn I used dpn #1.

Step 1: cast on x stitches on dpns and work in the round. If you do not know how to do this, watch the video instrcution on small diameter circulair knitting in section advanced techniques on the website

Step2: Work back and forth on heelflap


Please note that on the sides of the heelflap, stitches will be picked up later on:


Step 3: turn heel and pick up stitches


Step 4: Shape gusset


Step 5: Knit in the round for several inches untill it is time to shape toe


Step 6: Shape toe! Lots of decreasing.


More decreasing untill there is only 8 stitches left.


Step 7: Grab those 8 stitches with a darning needle, pull slightly and stick needle in hole.

dneedle2 dneedle4

Step 8: Turn sock inside out and pull tightly. Weave in ends. (Yikes, looks like a snake)


Step 9: There you have it! Anatomy of a sock demystified!


2) Tips for knitting with double pointed needles

First of all, don't get intimidated by the "many" needles you are going to work with. In my case I worked with 4 needles all together. Three needles you see on the sock:


And a 4th needle is thrown in the mix to actually knit with. Now FOCUS on just the two needles that you are working with, okay? Just try to pretend that those other two needles are not there. Focus on the two that you are working with!


At some point, the needles you are not working with get in the way. See how my thumb is cramped up by a "non" working needle? No fun knitting like that!


If that happens, just gently push the needle that is cramping your flow to the back. And now you have plenty of room to focus and knit on the two "working" needles!


Hopes this helps a bit... 


[...] allergy thing… Anyhow,

[...] allergy thing… Anyhow, she has a great series about being intimidated by socks and DPNS here here, and [...]

missed you today at the yarn

missed you today at the yarn shop!
hope all is well!

Awesome post! You've got

Awesome post! You've got some great info here for novices - even those of us who prefer Magic Loop knitting. Thanks for writing this up!

[...] Intimidated by Socks

[...] Intimidated by Socks and double pointed needles Part II [...]

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