Intimidated by Socks and double pointed needles

I would always tiptoe around socks and double pointed needles. Very quietly, tippy toeing, observing, closer and closer and then ... hastily back away. Oh how those socks and double pointed needles intimidated me!

But then, there was Robert. My knight in shining fiber armor, helping a damsel in sock distress and teaching me that double pointed needles are harmless. I met Robert at a beginner's sock class over at Close Knit, my favorite yarnshop. He chased away my fear and showed me with lots of patience and encouragement that anyone can knit socks with double pointed needles.

Will you believe me that I hugged Robert when class was finished? The turning of the heel, the shaping of the gusset and toe are no longer a mystery to me. However, I only knitted 2 pairs of socks, so more practice is needed to fully understand the anatomy of the sock. Off to Close Knit I went and bought me some of this:


This luscious piece of skein is from Great Adirondack Soxie sock yarn in a springy colorway. It is 100% merino but so incredibly silky! Silky, Shiny and Springy... Yum. I decided to challenge myself and I am knitting up socks with needle size 1. So there you have it, this is what I have on the needles right now. I just turned the heel:


Although no longer mystified by the turning of the heel, I still gaze at it and ask myself who was this brilliant person who designed this? Just look at it...


The hardest part of knitting socks is not the heel but picking up the stitches. With such small needles I am working with right now, I have to remind myself not to hold my breath but to keep on breathing.

Breath in, pick up a stitch, breath out... breath in, pick up a stitch, breath out... Untill I've got them all picked up and then with a proud feeling of victory, I kick up my heels and knit one round. And this is what you see, isn't tight, crisp and neat?


Ha! Socks and DPNs intimidate me no more!  


Beautiful yarn,,

Beautiful yarn,,

you make it look so easy.

you make it look so easy. thanks

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Beautiful job! Love the

Beautiful job! Love the yarn.
Did you know that you can knit socks on one circular needle and not have to juggle? I hate double points myself.

Awesome! The photos are so

Awesome! The photos are so gorgeous, and the yarn really does look lovely!

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