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For the past few weeks now, I have been incredibly uninspired. No yarn nor pattern were able to excite me, and after searching and searching I finally gave up and put my knitting needles to rest.

I did not want to knit, or even write about knitting as you may well have noticed.

Then, during a trip to Knitty City on the Upper East Side, I saw proprietress Pearl wearing a beautiful sweater! It stopped me in my tracks and I asked for the pattern. Pearl told me it is named "Origami Pullover", designed by Liz Daniels for Frog Tree Yarns.


The lady in the picture is not Pearl by the way. I took this picture off Frog Tree Yarn's website, I hope they don't mind!

Interesting construction!

What caught my attention immediately in this design, is the non-traditional construction. This wonderful piece consists of merely two rectangles and is folded and attached a certain way which produces this lovely piece.

The stitch pattern in this design is simply a 1x1 ribbing. Gah...knitting a whole piece in only k1, p1 will drive me NUTS!

Also, the pattern calls for a sports weight yarn for which this knitter does not have the patience at all. 

Sooooo... I changed the pattern. Not only did I change the gauge, but I also changed the stitch pattern and in the end, I disregarded the original folding and applied my own.

The outcome

Using a worsted weight yarn, needle size US#10 and a stitch pattern called the sand stitch, my piece came out like this:

Kimono Cape

Kimono Cape back

Not too shabby, right? 

As you can see, my way of folding creates a totally different silhouette than the original piece. The armholes are completely different, and I adore the way it came out!

Kimono Cape3

I am thoroughly satisfied with my piece, I wear it as a coat and I love it to pieces. 

The best part of it all? The price of the yarn to make this piece was less than $20.--! Yay for Lion Brand Yarn!!!

Back into the swing of knitting things

Thankfully, this project has turned me on again to my knitting and writing. Especially the non traditional construction has my undivided attention and all I want to make are pieces just like it.

I have seen several beautiful pieces on the runways at the Autumn/Winter Fashion Shows in NYC, Milan, London, Paris and I would love to write a blog post about it. 

As much as I love certain knitwear designs in the hand knitting industry, lately I have been very drawn to designs that appear on the runway.

Okay folks, that's it for today. Fingers crossed that I keep on being inspired and that you will see more of me writing again.

Thank you for reading and see you real soon.

Kimono Cape4


Back in the saddle

Glad to read that you found the needed inspriration and in typical fashion adjusted to your own likes.

Gorgeous, just like you!

It's good to see you back in action. I love your take on the Origami Pullover...very clever.

Wow... you finished that

Wow... you finished that quickly!  :-) Rach


so beautiful! glad to see you've found your inspriation... and a way to keep stylishly warm. can't wait to see what's next!

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