I cannot leave San Francisco without writing about a place I would frequent very often: yarn shop Imagiknit.

This beautiful yarn shop is nestled in between the Mission and the Castro District, on the corner of Sanchez and 18th, right at the bottom of Sanchez Hill. The shop is filled with many different kinds of yarn, truly a heaven to knitters, crocheters and fiber addicts alike. You simply have to visit Imagiknit when you are in San Francisco.


The staff is very friendly and helpful and I wonder what they thought of me coming in so frequently! At times, I was at Imagiknit's nearly every day. What can I say... I cannot stay away from yarn... 

I was able to browse freely, touch yarns, flip through books, and just wander wander wander without being looked at strangely by the staff. They simply let me be, and ever so often checked if they could hep me find anything.

DSC_6680           DSC_6681

Yesterday, I wandered in looking for the owner named Allison... I had a little gift for her:


Thank you, Allison, for your beautiful yarn shop.

It was a pleasure frequenting Imagiknit during my stay in San Francisco!

Tonight will be my last night in San Francisco. I am busy doing all kinds of last errands, and tomorrow evening we will be boarding a red eye flight to New York. Hopefully, I will have time to squeeze in one last blog entry before we hop on our flight.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry...




Best wishes!

I have always said that if money were no object, I would own an apartment in San Francisco and one in New York City and then jet back and forth between them at my whim.  So, I must say I'm a bit jealous of you having lived in the former and now going to live in the latter.  Do I envy you your life as I know it? A bit. But I realize everyone's life has its ups and downs, and I'm not unhappy with mine, so shall live in NYC vicariously, through you.  I do wish for you an easy flight, quick "settling in," and happy times in your new surroundings. :-)

Leaving already? It feels

Leaving already? It feels like you just left us here in Portland. Good luck on your new adventure.

6 months

It has been 6 months since I left Pdx. Time does fly by!Big Apple... here I come!

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