I hear a Symphony

A few days ago, when I was walking towards a company where I was scheduled for an interview, a little 3 year old boy walking with a woman caught my eye. Although they were walking side by side, something seemed off... it was as if they were not connected to each other. I did not give it any furhter thought and prepaired myself for my interview. An hour later, just as I walk out of my interview, I again see the odd sight of that little boy and the woman; the boy was tagging along with her and when she looked at me I asked her if everything was okay. "Do you know this little boy?", she asked me. A shiver ran down my spine when she continued: "I found him a while ago, wandering by himself on the street." I turned to the boy and said "Hello Sweetie, how are you?" While playing with his red car toy, he replied with the most cutest 3 year old voice: "I am fine..." The woman explained to me that she had been walking up and down the neighborhood, trying to find where this boy lives and safely return him to his mother. But alas, without succes. Another woman walked by and I stopped her to ask her if she by any chance knew who this little boy was. She kneeled and introduced herself to the boy, who shyly told us that his name was Jason. lost little bird There we stood, three women and a little boy... if you would draw a line between us women and the little lost boy in the middle, you could see that he found himself in a triangle of protection. At each corner of the triangle stood a female guardian angel making sure nothing could hurt the child. Guardian After some debating, it was decided that the police would be notified. I felt I no longer could be of help and walked towards a coffee house to ponder about the very pleasant interview I just had. After a while the woman who kneeled in front of the boy walked into the coffeeshop and we started to chat. Our conversation was a pleasant one... we talked about the boy, then ended up talking about art, psychology, marketing and blogging. And guess who walked into the same coffeeshop and gave us a report about the little boy? Yes, the lady who found him in the first place. The lost child had been safely returned to its mother by the police. While the three of us were talking, I could feel a tremendously light energy rushing through my body. My interview went well, a lost boy was protected by three guardian angels, I had such interesting and enlightened conversations at that coffeeshop, and most importantly: the boy was safely returned to his mother. At that very moment, everything became silent when I gazed at these two chatting women and in the far distance I could hear a Symphony... Two Guardians Tagged! I got tagged... by miss harleyquin... this is what one has to do when one is tagged: You go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day. Then you post 3 events, 2 other births, and one holiday that occurred on your birthday. And tag 5 other bloggers... March 19 Events: 1931 The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra played its first concert in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 1962 - Bob Dylan releases his first, self-titled album. 1953 - Academy Awards are first televised. Other Births: 1964 - Yoko Kanno, Japanese composer and 1953 - Billy Sheehan, American musician (Mr. Big) Holiday: The first day of Quinquatria in ancient Rome, held in honor of Minerva. As for knitting I am in love... with Rowan's Cashsoft... this 4-ply DK yarn which consists 57% of extra fine merino, 33% microfibre andf 10% cashmere is incredibly soft, slides so deliciously through my fingers and needles and is ABSOLUTELY A PLEASURE to work with. A very pleasant close to the skin garment comes to mind... Rowan Cashsoft Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with my Cashsoft DK... I am going to fondle it...all over... untill it begs me to stop.


Hi, Nancy, Marianne sent me

Hi, Nancy, Marianne sent me here to visit. So happy that I did. Your beautifully written "Lost Boy" story was touching. I'll be back.......

I am very glad to hear that

I am very glad to hear that he got back home OK. What strikes me most was the absolute trust he had in the "grown-ups" to bring him home , only children can have such strong beliefs :-)
Bedankt Nancy voor het "tagging" !

I'm glad that little boy made

I'm glad that little boy made it home safely.

My friend's four year old brother was playing in a busy street by himself--luckily, she saw him on her way home and stopped him. What is it about little boys and wandering off?

You truly have a gift for

You truly have a gift for storytelling. Though the content of the story was hardly mundane, you still managed to escalate it to a wondrous fairytale, and who doesn't love a fairytale with a happy ending?

One of these days I'm going to get me some Rowan Cashcroft. I've heard such praises sung about it. Have a blessed weekend! :-)

Wow, a shiver was running

Wow, a shiver was running down my own spine when I started reading your story. I'm so glad the boy got back home OK. And I'm glad he found his guardian angels to watch over him till he did. :D

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