I got side tracked...





I promised that I would issue the headband pattern today and was about to put the picture tutorial together this morning... but then got terribly sidetracked.

While making coffee, I thought to myself: "How would that headband look in a narrower version?", and before I knew it I was knitting a narrower version instead of producing a picture tutorial. Sigh... why do I do this to myself all the time? Like I haven't got enough designs to write out.

Anyway, I like the outcome of the narrower version just as much as the original wider version:

Needles on Fire19 DSC_7864

So, now I am going to put out these two versions. And the best part is that the narrower version only takes an hour to complete. Ha! Great for last minute Holiday knitting!


Producing a picture tutorial is quite intense and takes a lot of hours. And since I have been knitting all day and it is quite late in the evening, I decided to put it off until tomorrow. I am sure you understand.

Ogling Crochet

Ogling Crochet2

Lately, I have been seriously ogling crochet... 

Several years ago, I purchased vintage doilies at yard sales and since the move to NYC, I have the doilies out in my kitchen. They are so cute and it makes me happy just looking at them. 

Ogling Crochet1

Remember I dabbled around in crochet back in 2008? I really loved doing it and was so mesmerized by the outcome. So incredibly pretty!

Granny Square

Oh boy... so much fun stuff to play with...knitting, crochet... what's next? Spinning? Lord help me...

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Of course we can wait!

Of course we can wait! Anxiously, but we'll wait.

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