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Today I am so very proud to launch my website!

The idea to take my blog to the next level sprouted last year and has now come to realization in my own Gettingpurlywithit domain. YES!

Take a look around, browse, find out how my new blog works and just simply enjoy...

If you wish you can make an account with Gettingpurlywithit

If you wish you can become a registered user on this website. All you have to do is just make an account!

The advantage of making an account with me, is that you can leave comments without me having to approve them. And of course in the future, you will have many many more advantages!

But really, it is all up to you. You make the choice.

Please know that I value your readership, whether you are a registered user or not!

Excited to embark on this new adventure

I am so excited to embark on yet another new adventure. And nothing could make me more happier than to embark on this new adventure with you.

We will go to many fun places, explore lots and lots of yarn, discuss many patterns and designs and see our creativity sore!

It is going to a big fun and colorful adventurous story!

Buckle up and let's go...


Your friend, 

Nancy Ricci





Congrats on getting the site up.

Great to see that you have your new site up. There are so many great things to see. I am looking forward to reading all of your adventures. Thanks - Kimberly

Hi Kimberly, thanks for

Hi Kimberly, thanks for stopping by :) Hope to see you around often!

Hey Nancy,Congratulations on

Hey Nancy,Congratulations on going live.  Lots of love Sharon 

Hi Sharon!

So glad you registered, Sharon :) Good to see you here! Yay!


Yay!  Nancy,  you did it.  The site is beautiful.  So Looking forward to seeing you in the City.Again,  Hooray!Sondra


Thank you, Sondra, I am so very glad it is finally launched :) And yes, see you very soooooooon!!!

You're new website is wonderful

I am so impressed with your new website. It was well worth the wait and all your hard work and agony...:-) I look forward to more updates and new patterns. You're a great knitting resource. ~Chris

Thank you so much, Chris!!!

Thank you so much, Chris!!!


What a beautiful site Nancy!  Congratulations and I look forward to visiting often.

Hi there, Anonymous! Glad to

Hi there, Anonymous! Glad to hear you want to visit often :) So why not sign up as a registered user? That way you won't be anonymous, and I know where you are coming from... See, I would love to know my readers better and built a solid relationship.Nonetheless, thrilled that you took the time to comment, much appreciated :)

So proud of you!

As usual, you are an inspiration. I lay in bed last night thinking, "Nancy did it; maybe some day I can too." Keep blazing the trails!

Susan, you know you can do

Susan, you know you can do this! And I know you WILL one day... Honored to have you as a registered user, my friend... 

Congrats !!

Congratulations on launching your website - love your patterns !

Hi there, thanks so much, I

Hi there, thanks so much, I am so happy to see you here. Honored that you decided to become a registered user! 


Looks gorgeous, dahling!  Juste comme toi!

Jolie, comme moi! Merci

Jolie, comme moi! Merci merci, ma cherie Elizabeth!

New site - thanks

Congratulations and thanks for the alert of the new site, etc..... 

Hi Mainstay, I am so happy

Hi Mainstay, I am so happy you signed in for my website, I am so honored...Hope to see you often around here :)

Hurray! yahooo!!!

The site looks amazing!! good job! cant wait to ride along with you! xoxoxoxoxo

Yaaay, Jenni!!! It is finally

Yaaay, Jenni!!! It is finally here!!!!

new site

Congratulations Nancy !!!!! Ther new site looks great !Marianne

Hi Marianne, so glad to see

Hi Marianne, so glad to see you commenting! Give Holland a big hug for me, I miss her so much...

new site

Congratulations on your new site!  And thanks for the Nettie hat - it is so cute.

Thanks so much and you are so

Thanks so much and you are so welcome regarding the Nettie Hat, Julie! I hope you will visit often :)

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