On the hunt

on the hunt2

Today I went on the hunt for yarn for my Three Ladies Project.

I went to Schoolproducts Yarns on Broadway in the Fashion district and found a donegal tweed/cashmere blend in a grey color with a hint of blue here and there. Perfect for Charly's headband! It was my first time at this shop and I need to go back to browse a little bit more. It's simply fantastic, they have cashmere yarns on cones that are very reasonably priced.

Charly on the hunt4

For Sherice I already bumped into the perfect yarn and color: Cascade Venezia in a bright fuchsia color. This color resembles her business colors (more of that later). I purchased Sherice's yarn at Knitty City.

Sherice DSC_8400

And for Rachel I went to the Lion Brand Studio located in the Union Square area. I must say, I am greatly impressed by this yarn shop. Apart from gorgeous acrylic yarns, they also offer 100% cashmere, alpaca, silk-mohair and woolen yarns. Fantastic, I tell you!

Their interior is a perfect mix of modern vintage and everything is extremely neatly organized yet still has a warm and welcome ambiance. Two thumbs up for Lion Brand! 

Since Rachel is allergic to wool, I needed to find her some acrylic yarns and I wasn't sure if I could find the right colors for her. Boy, was I wrong. Lion Brand has fantastic colors and I was immediately inspired by their yarns. I never have had an interest in acrylic but Lion Brand Studio has changed my point of view. 

Rachel requested a slate blue yarn, but I got her some other colors too. I think the colors I picked for her, will go well with her eyes and dark brown hair:

number 2 on the hunt3

It is not easy to find a right color for somebody else. But having their preference noted and envisioning the image that I have of my three ladies, I was able to make a selection of yarns. Hopefully, they will like the colors, fingers crossed. Color is very personal and the recipient should be comfortable wearing it. 

Another stellar day in NYC!

on the hunt1

It was another stellar day in NYC today. I love how my Three Ladies Project makes me venture out into the city and visit yarn shops I never visited before.

This way I am exposed to the many different neighborhoods who each have their very own character and flavor. It also forces me to figure out the subway system. Going into the subway catacombs of NYC is a whole experience in itself. Sometimes I have the feeling that I am in a whole different reality when I am down there.

Tomorrow I will be heading to String Yarns in the posh Upper East Side area. When I go there, I always walk alongside Central park and it is a nice walk. I will bring my camera and shoot some pictures for you.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry! 



Lion Brand Studio

You know what, I visited Lion Brand Studio yesterday and got five balls of yummy yarn called Amazing. I'm going to use them to knit myself a sweater. Thanks for your inspiration!J.


Hi J, 

Happy you found some good yarn at Lion Brand. It's not bad at all, right? It's great, I am going back for more yarn too. And it's just such a lovely shop!

Cannot wait to hear about your sweater, let me know which one you are going to work on.


Wauwie beautiful color the grey blue!!And cashmere so chique! I'm excited!Big huggs


Glad you like it, Char... Ik heb ook een andere yarn voor je maar dat is een verassing :)

This sounds so exciting!

This sounds so exciting! Can't wait to see what happens next.


I am excited about this project. Especially to find the right color for the recipients. I always have a hard time with that but this time it was quite fun. Kind of an art project where I view the recipients as artwork!

I'm excited

Nancy, I LOVE the colors you picked out for me (I'm a fan of verigated, for sure!!)  I'm so excited you are making me something with your own hands and heart.  :)   ~Rachel

Oh Rachel, I am so happy to

Oh Rachel, I am so happy to hear that! I would not have been offended at all if you did not like the colors. 

I acknowledge how important and how personal choice of color is. So it is always a gamble when knitters/crocheters buy yarn for others!

Looks like I made the right choices for you :) Yay!

More than one???

Nancy I just saw in your blog today a picture of 3 headbands labeled for me!!  Did you make me more than one?  Oh boy, I'm about to burst with excitement.  I won't forget to send you pics of me wearing them either.  :-)

Three for you!

Yes, Rachel! All three are for you! I pictured the color of your hair, your eyes and your skin and wanted to compliment it with different colors of yarn :)

Brooklyn General Store

SchoolProduct actually was the first yarn store I started with. Sometimes you'll find some great deals of Italian yarn blended with cashmere and merino wool.I never went to Lion Brand Store before. After reading your post, I may give it a try, maybe next week.I heard that Brooklyn General Store is great too. But I never be there before. It's not close to the subway. Not sure if you want to take a long walk in this freezing weather.Good luck and have fun,J.  

Brooklyn General

Hi J! I've been to Brooklyn General and yes it is a bit of a walk but it's fine. I enjoyed my surroundings while walking up to the store. I wrote about Brooklyn General here. Let me know what you think of Lion Brand, I am curious for your opinion.Happy knitting, J!

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