Hues of Golden



While browsing for yarn at Knitty City in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I fell in love with a silk yarn by Handmaiden. 

Different hues of golden are captured in this beautiful fingering silk yarn; from deep golden to soft golden to subtle golden. I wish you could see how this yarn radiates!

Usually, I go for the solid colors but ever since I have gotten lace shawls on the brain, I am on the hunt for yarns in very subtle color variegation.

Here's an example of a Malabrigo sock yarn with a subtle yet vibrant tone on tone variegation:


Vibrant hues of fuchsia, dark pink and purples are lifted up here and there with just a smidgen of moss green...sigh, this color way rocks my world...

The tone on tone colors in nature

Today I browsed for hours and hours for a yarn with a color that satisfies me but I did not succeed. A little bit disappointed I left the yarn shop and on my way home I tried to put in words the colors I am looking for.

But sometimes, words cannot capture what a picture is well capable of... So I searched in my photo library for colors in nature.

Oh my, if only I could find a silk yarn that resembles this deep purple color that almost ventures into black. What dramatic feelings this evokes...:


And how about the happy and vibrant hues of pink in this gorgeous dogwood?


Just look at the different shades of burnt orange in this Japanese maple during Autumn...


Nature provides the ultimate color palette, don't you agree? 

Color is very important in my knitting... if the color isn't talking to me, I will not enjoy knitting. I will search high and low for that special color way, browse for hours and hours and if I cannot find that one color that sweeps me off of my feet, I will leave the yarn shop empty handed.

What is your favorite hand painted yarn brand?

There are several brands that have absolutely gorgeous tone on tone variegated yarns. To mention a few:

Jade Sapphire
Sanguine Gryphon
Madeline Tosh
Sweet Georgia
Sundara Yarns

Are you like me when it comes to color? Is it also of importance to you? And do you have a favorite hand painted yarn brand?

Let me know as I am on the hunt for mesmerizing handpainted yarns that will encapture me and have me open up my wallet. 

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!


My recent favorite is Claudia

My recent favorite is Claudia Hand Painted Yarn Her sport weight linen is fantastic. 

Yup, Claudia Hand Painted

Yup, Claudia Hand Painted Yarn is pretty awesome! Sally at CloseKnit's in Portland, Oregon used to carry that yarn. 

Check out Hazel Knits and Big

Check out Hazel Knits and Big Alice...both have a depth of color that I adore!

Hazel knits

I did check out Hazel knits and oh woah, the colors are GORGEOUS! 

Big Alice didn't have anything listed in her Etsy shop at the moment but I found her on Ravelry.

Thanks for these recommendations!

Oh, Hi Nancy!  That comment

Oh, Hi Nancy!  That comment was from me...never meant to be anonymous.  Amy (of Chae-fame)

Hi Amy! Say HI to Chae for

Hi Amy! Say HI to Chae for me! Thanks for the recommendations...

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