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A few days ago, when I was strolling down 18th in the Castro district in San Francisco on my way to Imagiknits, it suddenly occurred to me that I started this blog 3 years ago. I also realized that I had never celebrated any blog anniversary! While any excuse to buy yarn is a good one, a third year celebration is a pretty legitimate one too... So I got me some Madeline Tosh in Scarlet, and to stay in color, I treated myself on some delicious strawberries.


Happy 3rd anniversary to Getting Purly With It, and here's to many more years!

A learning experience When I started "Getting Purly With It" back in April 2007, the sole purpose was to write about yarn and knitting simply because I could not shut up about it. Being a fairly newbie knitter at that time, I could not stop thinking about knitting and desperately needed an outlet to get it out of my system. Otherwise, my head would explode.


Soon enough, I had the urge to not only write about yarn and knitting but to also produce picture tutorials and issue free patterns.

This pushed me into digital photography and I wanted to be a better photographer. I went from working with a point and shoot camera, to exploring an entry level DSLR.


Then in 2008 I decided to work with models to showcase my knitted items, and although it was quite scary to me at the time, I did it.


Finally, I had enough confidence to publish patterns for sale!

This is it2

Step by step, little by little, I have learned so much from blogging. It has been such a great learning experience for me, and I am very curious what more knowledge I can obtain, and how to broaden my horizon.

The purpose of this blog

Back then, the purpose of this blog was only to write about my knitting progress and that was basically it.

Nowadays I define the purpose of this blog differently:

The purpose of this blog is to inspire, encourage and to help everybody who is interested in knitting. With my passion for knitting and the fire that I feel in my heart and soul, I hope to reach out to you and inspire you to knit.

Evaluating GPWI51

This wonderful thing that we knitters do, with just two sticks and some strand, still grips me with much wonderment and I am in awe of the capacity that we have to create.

Knowing that there are knitters out there who have made items from my patterns and who have gifted these items to loved ones, fills my being with warmth and gratitude.

Knowing that there are newbie knitters out there that felt encouraged to take their knitting to the next level by choosing one of my patterns with picture tutorials, gives me infinite joy.


This little light of mine...

I would like to thank you personally for reading this knitting blog of mine.

I am having lots of fun around here and I hope you do too!

Ever since April 2007 I have gotten over 110,000 views and I am very grateful for that...

Thank you for letting me shine my light!

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Happy Anniversary, and

Happy Anniversary, and congratulations on 3 years! Your blog is so refreshing!

Congrats on your 3rd year

Congrats on your 3rd year blogging! That skein of yarn and those strawberries look absolutely yummy!
Still so excited I found your blog... it's one of the first ones I read whenever I need a little jolt of creativity!

Nancy, Congrats!! How time


Congrats!! How time flies. Thanks for all you have shared with us. I look forward to your blog posts. Miss seeing you here in Portland, but you are destined for greater things.

Happy knitting!!


Congratulations! You have

Congratulations! You have contributed so much to the knitting world, and I look forward to continuing to reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

I'm so glad you started the

I'm so glad you started the blog and I appreciate your encouragement of knitting. Thanks Nancy!

Oh Nancy, congratulations!!!

Oh Nancy, congratulations!!! You are so inspiring and beautiful! sending hugs from Portland!

Happy Blogging Anniversary,

Happy Blogging Anniversary, Nancy. I'm looking forward to many more years of your posts!

Congratulations and Happy

Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary!

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