How does one describe Beauty?

She stopped me in my tracks this tiny little pansy yet grand and dramatically beautiful. She did not even whisper to get my attention, nor did she purposely radiate her beauty. dscn7745.jpg But I spotted her. She was well hidden amongst all the other mediocre and loud ones and I chose her to take home with me. dramaticbeauty.jpg The rich deep dark red with almost black streeks mesmerized me... Can you imagine how I gasped when I walked into my all time favorite yarnshop and saw this color yarn?!? dscn7699.jpg Be still my beating heart! If one cannot describe beauty one has to knit it! I did not think twice, grabbed the yarn, searched for a sock pattern, got me some #2 dpns and right there and then in the yarn shop I casted on and started to knit. Within 10 days I had finished these: dscn7690.jpg They are my most recent finished object and my second pair of socks I have ever knitted. I simply adore them! I was so incredibly excited to knit these and I so eagerly wanted to finish that I knitted to tight in the end and I had to rip out the toe of the second sock several times and start anew. But that was okay, after all, it is part of the proces, isn't it? The pattern was written very very clearly, I had no problems at all following it. I did however, knitted the top of the sock 6 inch instead of 8 inch and I had plenty of yarn left. Also I knitted with #2 dpn instead of #3 dpn. I am a tight knitter, you see. It was a bit of a challenge for me to knit with #2 dp needles but as you can see, I did it! Yarn: Jitterbug easy care merino 4ply by Colinette Yarns, colorway #116 Velvet Plum, 276 meters Gauge: 7 stitches per inch Pattern: Knitted Pure & Simple, beginner's mid-weight socks #242 Needles: #2 dpn Yarnsource: Close Knit


Hello! I was lead to your

Hello! I was lead to your blog via your post on Knitter's Review. You're quite prolific. I love how you, as a non-native speaker, manipulate the English language; I'll probably subscribe on Bloglines.

Anyway, that is gorgeous sock yarn (one of my favorite colors, too!). Your photos do justice to the gorgeous colors of the flower, the yarn. The resulting sock is very pretty.

[...] The pattern that I used

[...] The pattern that I used for this sock is described in my post “How does one describe Beauty“. [...]

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