Hot Soup

Hot Soup12

Hi there friend, how was your weekend? Nice and relaxing? Did you see a good movie and do some knitting? 

The bad cold that got a hold of me Friday, kept me in bed for two days and no knitting was done. Lots of rest, lots of hot soup and lots of daydreaming about yarn and future designs. Even when I am ill, I cannot turn that design thing off.

Feeling much better now and am ready for the new week! Thanks so much for all the well wishes...

Vanessa Headbands all packaged

It was a wet, windy and chilly in NYC today and I have been wearing my Vanessa headband all day long. It's so incredibly warm and cozy, I feel well protected from the cold.


I hope everybody that knits the Vanessa headband will feel the same and I am thrilled to send off Vanessa headband gifts to Rachel and Charly. Everything is neatly packaged and ready to be send off. Three packages for Rachel are being send to Portland, Oregon:

Hot Soup14

And one package is being send off to Charly who lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

Hot Soup15

Ooooh, I am so excited about this! I sure do hope they will like their gifts and more importantly, that it comfortable fits them!

I still have one item to knit for my Three Ladies Project and that is Cherice's fingerless gloves. As soon as I receive her measurements, I can start knitting her gift!

What else is in store for the week, Nancy?

Tomorrow I want to write about a sweet connection I made in the subway train. Two perfect strangers smile, exchange cards and send each other handmade gifts. Yes, that happened between me and beautiful Michelle:

Hot Soup41

It's a sweet story how we met and how we found out that we both are creative women that love arts and crafts.

Wednesday I would like to address some answers and comments from readers and maybe discuss a knitting technique or two.

Thursday I am planning to do a post on finishing techniques such as blocking and seaming. How can you achieve a professional looking piece and have people say: "where did you buy that?", don't you just love it when that happens... 

And hopefully, by Friday I will have received my yarn order and we can start plotting our Zara cowl project.

Oh and in between, I need to knit a piece for one of the knit shops in Manhattan. I will tell you more about that when the time is ripe.

Soup, chilly weather and knitting

For the past few days I have been drinking a lot of hot soup and I can't get enough of it. All day long today, a pan of hot soup has been simmering on the stove, filling our house with delicious scents that evoke feelings of being safe and cozy.

Pair that with a chilly rainy day and this knitter is purring like a content cat. One that is wearing her Vanessa headband while dreaming about knitting and designing.

That my friends, is a what I call a perfect Monday...

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!

Hot Soup5


Wow the package looks so

Wow the package looks so beautiful! I can't wait to receive it.It's al so sweet and with a lot of love. Thank you, it makes me smile. :)Big hug Charly

Cannot wait for you to receive it!

Char, I cannot wait for you to receive it! I am so excited about it :)


hi doll your yarn is in the mail! along with a little surprise! lots of love. let me know when it arrives. xoxoxoxo


Yay!!! I can't wait to receive it, Jenni! I am curious for that little surprise :)THANKS!!!

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