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Yesterday, while walking through midtown to get to the Theatre District, I repeatedly pinched myself. It's for real, we are here in the Big Apple!

Barely touched down in our new apartment, my husband immediately had to work long hours (16hrs a day!), leaving me with a gazillion unpacked boxes and chaos. Oh well, whaddayagonnado?

So I have been unpacking a lot by myself over the past week, and I really don't mind because I am so in love with our new place! I feel so at home and comfortable in our apartment, I just want to hug and kiss it all day long.

Visiting yarn shops

The very first yarn shop I visited since I arrived, is Knitty City located in the Upper West Side.


It is a cozy yarn shop with yarn EVERYWHERE! The skeins and balls are jumping at you as you walk by the shelves, and you just don't know where to start browsing. They have a great selection of yarn, tons of books and I found the staff friendly and helpful.

A very dangerous place for a yarn addict like me... I left with a ball of mohair and promised to pay another visit soon.

The second yarn shop I visited is String, located in the Upper East Side, right in the smack middle of many haute couture fashion stores, much to my delight.


Although not too big of a venue, this classy yarn shop has managed to create a very spacious ambiance. Product is neatly and very organized displayed, yet I did not have the feeling I was in a sterile environment. Their variety of yarn and books were just right for me and I was impressed by the knitted sweaters and shawls, all their own design.

Dear reader, this store is very appealing to me in so many ways: the right aesthetics and sensibility, minimalist and calm interior design, beautiful luxurious product and friendly service.

I purchased two balls of bulky weight yarn, and started swatching immediately at their big oval table where you can make use of their knitting needles and notions.


Erin, who was very friendly and helpful, let me sit and knit in peace. I really felt comfortable and didn't want to leave but I had to go to the Theatre District for dinner and a dress rehearsal Broadway show called Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

A fantastic first Sunday in NYC

I left String in a very good mood and walked down Madison Avenue stopping at nearly every window to admire fashion pieces.

I absolutely cannot afford haute couture, but I am an admirer of the excellence in craftsmanship and design sense. Especially the more complex pieces, which entail hours and hours of work, are to me a piece of art.

From Madison Avenue, I scooted over to 8th Avenue and slowly found my way to the busy Theatre District.

Theatre district1

Dinner with husband and father-in-law followed by a dress rehearsal show of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and the evening topped off with a cab driver who literally took us for a ride and my husband yelling at him: "STOP THE METER!!!"

Hot Diggity Dog... Dang, I am in New York City!!!!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry...




Gee, I never know where you're going to turn up next!!  I've never been to NYC, but it's high on my list of "must visits".  In the meantime, I'll visit the city, vicariously, through your posts.

Always a surprise!

I never know either where I end up! I am planning to do a lot of NYC writing, so yes, visit often and read my adventures :)

So exciting!

I LOVE reading your posts, but now that you're in NYC, they are even more exciting. Can't wait to see what you do with the yummy yarns you bought. Next time I'm in NY I'm going to those shops.

I will take you for a yarn crawl!

Susan, next time you are in NYC, I wll be your personal yarn shop guide and take you for a yarn crawl :)

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