Heavenly Bliss

Heavenly Bliss Tulip

A few days ago, oh lucky me, I had a facial over at Ruby Violet's on Alberta street. I had been looking forward to this treat for weeks and literally ran to this cute little tucked away spa. Sarah, the owner of Ruby Violet, took good care of me and my face! The best part of it all was a good massage and I felt so invigorated. And then it happened... I had a hard time getting up from the massage table...I stumbled to the hallway and told Sarah I needed a few minutes to get myself together. I sat down on the bench for a few, had a glass of water and then... oh my word... I felt how my whole being was lifted like a hot air balloon. As I walked out the door, my feet barely touched the ground and I got lifted higher and higher. I floated my way to the Teahouse, planted myself in a comfy chair, took off my sandals and just sat with my eyes closed in Lotus position. About an hour later, when I finally was able to open my eyes again and return to earth, this girl smiled at me on her way out and said: "I was watching you meditate in your chair and said to myself now that lady is in a place of bliss". "Yes, yes", I replied... Heavenly Bliss... As for Knitting During an early morning walk, I stumbled upon this beautiful pink tulip. She was covered in dewdrops and her presence stopped me in my tracks.

Heavenly Bliss Tulip Heavenly Bliss DewDrops

More than anything I was encaptured by the dewdrops which reminded me of glass beads. Immediately, a luxurious little skein of Artyarn's beaded silk in my stash came to mind and I hurried home to fetch it!

As soon as I arrived at the Teahouse, I promised to work hard on the choli pattern and as a reward I then could work on my beautiful beaded silk!

Beaded Silk Feather and Fan

Also, I finished my little Koigu Crepe Seattle glove... I just love the colorway.

Seattle Koigu

And the choli is doing well too! Pattern writing is hard work but also one of the things in knitting that really sets me in a trippy/geeky technical mood. All the knitting codes and little drawings... so geeky... LOVE THAT!

Patternwriting Choli Progress

I think the "reward" incentive is working quite well. For every 2 hours of patternwriting, I would pet myself on the back with knitting with the beaded silk. It helps me to take a little break from the larger project, you see. And in the end, I have a gorgeous little scarf:

Beaded Silk F&F Yup, you guessed it right: it's again the old Feather and Fan stitch! Other Stuff I have been up to Lately, I have been frequenting a crafty store called "Collage" on Alberta street. I am especially taken by this kind of paper they are selling over there: Inspiring Paper I had been staring at this beautiful paper for the past few days. It just makes me happy... Then all of a sudden, I knew what to do with it! I took out my very fine and sharp little scissors and started cutting out these fine shapes: Cutting out Shapes3 Cutting out Shapes2 Cutting out Shapes I am excited... very excited... about this. What I am going to do with it? Dunno yet. I am sure something will come up. For now, I will just let it mesmerize me. Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!


Oh...what lovely cutting work

Oh...what lovely cutting work on that paper...I am staying tuned...also saving the little square buttons for you...see you tomorrow for our walk: )

I love that Koigu colorway.

I love that Koigu colorway. I'm a big fan of Koigu and always have a hard time picking which color I want - I want them all! (Or almost all of them.)

What a lovely description of

What a lovely description of your day! And the beaded silk scarf is just gorgeous - I so love knitting with silk; it feels just heavenly!

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