Handspun Mohair: A case of serious yarn lust


Handspun Angora

I was happily browsing in yarn shop Imagiknit in the Castro District of San Francisco, when suddenly a beautiful skein of hand spun mohair caught my eye.

Scrumptious and luscious this skein was, not only hand spun but also hand dyed in a subtle tone on tone lilac. Here and there you can still see the natural white and the soft curls of the angora goat's locks are still visible.

Before my hand reached out to this skein, in that second before my fingers would touch it, I knew my heart was sold.

This yarn, my knitting friends and fiber addicts, is a very very special find...

Fuzzy and soft mohair yarn

At first I was not drawn to mohair at all but that somehow changed when I made this luscious vintage stole a few years ago with Rowan Kidsilk Haze:

Vintage-Stole-1  Vintage-Stole-3

I was very pleased with how this stole looked and felt; its luxurious appearance made me feel like a movie star and its soft and gentle feel made me want to wear this stole all day long. 

Since then, I have made many a project with mohair such as fingerless gloves, cowls, hats and poppies:

Nancy's knitwear 09 (4) Handknit accessories GS9 

Knitted Poppies

However, I never knew how mohair fleece in its purest form looked like and I never knew that mohair comes from an angora goat.

That is up until today...

Behold the angora goat!


Source: angoragoat.com

Shame on me for working with this beautiful animal's luscious yarn for so long and not knowing how they look like..!

And today I have purchased this very special hand spun mohair, it truly is a gem of a yarn, especially because the spinner raised the angora goats herself. I love it, I simply love it... 

Handspun Angora

Many thanks Buckeye Farm for producing such a beautiful yarn. I cannot wait to design with it!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry.


That's some pretty sexy yarn.

That's some pretty sexy yarn. Can't wait to see what you turn it into.

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