Gratitude is the Attitude




Just the other week, while having a lunch meeting at Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, I said to my friend: "You know, when I first came to NYC back in 2010, I felt so small. I felt so utterly insignificant. Nobody knew who I was."

My friend smiled and replied:"Well, Nancy... You certainly changed that, didn't you?"

I paused, and as if I was struck by lightening, it suddenly dawned upon me how I indeed changed the fact that nobody knew me here in NYC. And upon that realization, a feeling of immense grattitude filled my being.




Making it work in NYC and crafting my own network

Starting from scratch in a new city, one that is New York City no less, can be quite intimidating. With no connection, no network and no close friends... boy, where do you start?

You start by getting out there. You start by gathering all of your courage and go to places where you know you will find like-minded people. And you hope and pray that these like minded people will accept you, embrace you, and take you by the hand.

NYC Lion Brand Window

I feel so fortunate that many kindhearted people here in NYC, extended their hand to me and accepted me as their friend.

Once I felt like such an outsider, but I can say with grattitude that by the grace of these wonderful NYC people, I feel accepted, valued and loved.

It is my plan to highlight in the next weeks, those who have helped me and elevated me.

Because...believe you me, New York City is by all means not the easiest place to be in for a sensitive soul like myself.


I'd like to end this blogpost with something I wrote about New York City on Instagram the other week:

This city exacerbates and exhilirates. It has slapped me down and lifted me up. It has taught me to become more passionate, work harder, fight harder and love deeper. I sometimes still wonder whether I belong here. However, i am showing NYC my best, strive to achieve higher and just keep on keepin' on.


Graffiti in Lower East Side

Thank you for reading and until the next entry. Hope you have a fantastic week!


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