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First of all, thank you so much for helping me choose pictures for my patterns everybody! You have been such a great help. The patterns will be published shortly!

Lately, I have been enamored by lace shawls. It is all I can think of... For the past few days, I have been browsing many lace patterns on Ravelry and I have had such a great time doing that. What gorgeous and beautiful pieces are out there!

Today I would like to highlight some of the designs that have captured my heart and put me in a lace spell.

Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen


This ridiculously beautiful Estonian lace design almost made my heart stop. I just couldn't believe my eyes, what beauty I encountered on Ravelry!

Especially the Echo Flower Lace pattern has me in a spell and just watch that gorgeous border with the nupps. It is so...graceful...



The Echo Flower Shawl that you see here is made by knitter Lotta from Sweden also known as Enugu on Ravelry. When I saw Lotta's rendition of the Echo Flower Lace Shawl, I nearly fainted. I can only wish that when I make mine, it will come out as beautiful as hers... Also, check out all of Lotta's finished projects on Ravelry. She is a magnificent knitter and she has really inspired me!

I have never given Estonian lace any thought. But after seeing this gorgeous design, I will pay close attention to the history of Estonian lace.

A big thank you to designer Jenny Johnson Johnen for offering this design for free. What a great great gift to us knitters.

Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes


Next up is a gorgeous and very easy to make shawlette by designer Mindy Wilkes from Cincinati, Ohio. 

This beautiful piece has a vintage aesthetic, something that makes me weak in the knees! It has such elegance and femininity...



The Holden Shawlette is perfect for your very first triangular lace project. If you have never done a triangular lace project before, this is the one to start with. It is very very easy, well and clearly written. I started mine two days ago and am planning to finish it today!

A big thank you to designer Mindy Wilkes for offering the Holden Shawlette for free on Ravelry.


I simply cannot wait to finish mine and I know I will make many of these. Such an easy knit and very satisfying.

A gem of a find: Kitman Figueroa

While browsing for lace shawls on Ravelry, I stumbled upon the work of Kitman Figueroa from Texas. This designer literally blew my mind and I would like to dedicate a separate blogpost to her work. 

For now, I would like to show you a couple of her gorgeous designs. This one is called Damask



And here is Jaali:


Oh my Lord... I am getting teary eyed. How is such beauty possible? What talent we have in our presence...

A big thank you to ravelry members Mindy, Enugu and Kitman Figueroa for giving me permission to use their pictures for this blogpost.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!




I agree!

Lace such as these make me swoon! You have picked some of my favorite pieces. Can't wait to see what YOU do with lace. I know you will master it.

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