Goodbye, San Francisco

downtown San Francisco

The day that we will be leaving San Francisco and heading toward our final destination New York, has finally arrived. 

Six months have passed by so quickly yet it feels as if I have been here longer than that!

Staying in this city reminded me of being on the road with my husband when we visited many major US cities and nobody would know who I was or were I came from. Just another nameless face, in just another big city.

It is during these travels that I have come to realise how nice it feels when somebody knows your name. That simple acknowledgement of a person saying your name while smiling at you and asking you how you are with genuine interest seems such a small thing.

However, to me it's big.

I left my heart in San Francisco?

Hiking up Russian Hill

San Francisco has a very distinctive character in appearance. I will never forget its steep hills, rolling fog, gorgeous architecture and rich history.

I can only imagine how things must have been here during the gold rush, when the city turned into a boom-town. It must have been such an exciting time back then!

Nob Hill

I cannot really say that I left my heart in San Francisco, because I left it in Portland. But I sure can say that I left my poppies in San Francisco!

I did not, however, place all the 100 poppies that I have knitted. But hey, there is always New York City...

Our daily joy each morning

Every morning I would go to get our coffee at the Starbucks in our apartment building. The manager, called Lilly, very quickly remembered my name and also my order. As soon as she would see me come in she would say in a very jovial manner "Hi Nancy!", and prepare our coffee without me even ordering.

Every single person in that Starbucks cafe was just as friendly and given the circumstances they were working in, it was to me very impressive.

See, we were in a neighborhood with lots of people that were... uhm... let's say in need of mental help. Many a time I have witnessed somebody going completely bonkers and shouting profanities, their eyes utterly bewildered. Lilly told me that one morning she and a co-worker had to lock themselves up in the bathroom and call the police because some crazy person was attacking them.

These circumstances didn't bog Lilly and her staff down...quite the contrary... They always had a smile on their face and kept on being genuinely friendly.

The very last Poppies of Endearment I give out in San Francsico goes to Lilly:


Focus on what YOU perceive as beautiful...

This is a perfect example of not becoming desensitized and hard while your environment can be quite challenging.

It is one thing to be friendly in an environment where everybody around you is friendly back at you. It is, however,  an art to stay friendly when you are receiving hostile messages from certain people on a daily basis.


Goodbye San Francisco...

Thanks for reading and until the next entry... and that will be from the BIG APPLE!!!! WOOOOOO!!!


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I was searching about to see what you did do with all those lovely prepared poppies with good and inspiring thoughts.You gave to friends?You took to NYC?You are waiting for a new inspiration to deposit them somewhere?I got intrigued....: )

I took them to NYC and ended

I took them to NYC and ended up giving them to friends :)  And I use them for gift tags.

Good Luck

San Francisco will miss you!!!! Have a safe journey!

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