Getting my Mojo Back

Early in the morning empty beach


Sometimes a change of scenery will do wonders... So I have discovered ever since I arrived in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

Just the other morning, when the beach was still quiet and heavenly peaceful, I stood with my bare feet on the white sandy beach, watched the palmtree leaves sway in the ocean breeze and I took a deep deep breath.

Then I waited patiently for a strong breeze and when it finally arrived, I threw my arms way up in the air and cast away all of my sorrows.

January and February have been tough months... As for March? I say let the good times roll!

Getting my Mojo back


Right before I left Oregon, I grabbed several yarns to bring with me, hoping to get back to knitting while in Florida. And my word, did I get my mojo back...

Soon after I arrived at my destination, I planted myself in one of the cute gazebos in our hotel's garden and have made it my knitting temple. I am surrounded by such beautiful flowers, their colors lift my spirit and all I can do is smile, smile, smile!


I brought several balls of yarn with me: a skein of artyarn's beaded silk in a deep red colorway, a ball of artyarn's 5-ply cashmere in a deep blue colorway, a skein of Tili Tomas' beaded silk in colorway Coral Sap..and... and so much more! How delightful!

Beades Silk Deep Red cashmere blue Tilli Tomas beaded silk

I swoon by the mere sight and touch of these gorgeous ones but I first start crocheting, yes, you read that right, crocheting with some off white Linarte yarn by Lana Grossa, a wonderful cotton/linen blend:

Crochet Linarte2

This yarn is somewhat stretchy and very nice to work with. It is cool to the touch which makes a perfect yarn for warmer wheather.

After my little flowery crochet escapade, I quickly moved on to a project on which I have been knitting for the past few days: Two-Tone Ribbed Shrug by Stefanie Japel from the book Fitted Knits.

Ribbed Shrug2

The yarn that I am using is a wool/silk blend called "Wave" by Filatura di Crosa. I purchased this yarn during Sally's big annual sale. It's luscious, scrumptious and just slides through my fingers and the project simply flies off my needles! LOVE IT.

Ribbed Shrug 3

I expect to finish tomorrow!

Cascade of Colors

Being here in this wonderful wonderful garden somewhere in Hollywood Beach, Florida, really lifts my spirits. A cascade of colors is surrounding me continuously, constantly tickling me but most of all reminding me that life is truly beautiful.

Faya-Lobie Yellow-Hibiscus2 Little surprises in the garden2 Palmtree Decaying flower bougainville

Thank you so much for reading but most of all, thank you for sticking with me through darker times and less knitting.

Red Hibiscus2

Untill the next entry!


Whooo hooooo! YOU are rocking

Whooo hooooo! YOU are rocking now!!!! smiles love chayo

Gorgeous pictures...such

Gorgeous pictures...such cheerful reminders of warm weather. (Although I like winter better.)

I'm impressed with your crochet skills!

Cascade of colors slip right

Cascade of colors slip right through your hands....They nestle in the clouds, turn back into sand....they find us swept away with your helping hands...your KNITTING is the beacon back to dry land....I love you

I'm so happy for you...and

I'm so happy for you...and envious! It sounds lovely and warm where you are. :-)

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