Geeky much..?

Re-working the Seattle gloves into a bigger gauge

I am such a geek... with numbers and with stitch patterns. I can spend hours and hours re-working and re-calculating a pattern. And then dismiss the outcome because "the numbers are not right". 

For instance, my original Seattle glove has certain numbers in them. Numbers that are carefully chosen: they all had to be divisible by 2. 


Let me break it down to you: The original Seattle gloves have the following numbers in them: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 42 and also 5 which doesn't really fit in the sequence but I let it pass.

All those numbers were put in there by me deliberately... HOW GEEKY IS THAT???

I have been working on re-calculating the Seattle gloves and it hasn't been easy for me because in some instances, it looks right, yet the numbers don't feel right to me. I have to quiet my inner geekiness, because if I don't, I am never going to be able to re-calculate an existing pattern!

Okay, guys, now you know how weird and geeky I am when it comes to pattern writing. Oi vey.

Luckily, I have pushed myself beyond my numbers weirdness, and started to take pictures for the upcoming Seattle revisited and re-calculated tutorial.

DSC_8067 DSC_8068 DSC_8069

It is coming along fine, and let's hope I can keep my head straight and produce the picture tutorial smoothly.

With my head in stitch dictionaries

I have got another geeky secret I am going to share with you. I love to browse through stitch dictionaries and memorize the stitch pattern names.

When I worked at Close Knit's, often times a costumer would come to show me a specific pattern to identify. I would then say: " Oh yes, that pattern is called so and so, and you can find it in this stitch dictionary", where upon I would walk to the book section, pull out the related stitch pattern book and locate the sought after stitch. 

Yup... that's how geeky I am and that's how obsessed I am with stitches.


Apart from re-calculating the Seattle gloves, I have been on the hunt for a matching stitch of the Zara Cowl. Let's look at it again:


At first sight, I thought it could be entrelac because the stitch pattern has that woven appearance. However, upon closer inspection I came to the conclusion that it must be cables. 

I pulled out all of my cable stitch dictionaries but couldn't quite remember in which book I had seen that all over cable pattern. So, all afternoon, I hunted for it... And am happy to report that I found the perfect match in the Vogue Knitting book: it is called the large basket stitch.



I have determined what pattern stitch I am going to use and now time to ponder about choice of yarn, gauge and needle size.

Now that I have come out of my geeky-numbers-stitch closet, I am wondering, surely I am not the only one??? Right???

Thanks for reading, everybody! Until the next entry...



The math is fun, no doubt,

The math is fun, no doubt, but I don't spend as much time on it as I should. That being said, it does bug me when the numbers don't feel right. We knitters need the geeks--keep it up!

In the matrix...

You know, at times I feel like I am in the matrix... a coherent web of stitches and numbers and it would feel like a maze to anyone else. But I know my way around perfectly and won't get lost...hopefully :)

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