A Friday in Brooklyn


Another bright and sunny day in early November in NYC. Can you believe it? 

I welcomed it with open arms and jumped on the subway to find my way to Brooklyn where I was to meet up with artist Faune Yerby. We both met in Portland, Oregon and just by chance we bumped into each other during the Makers Fair in Queens last September.

A couple of days ago Faune asked me on Face Book if I was able to help her out with a knitting job. Knowing that Faune makes gorgeous handspun yarn, I grabbed the opportunity. 

A knitting job with chunky handspun yarn??? YES I AM IN!!!

On a rooftop in Brooklyn

When I woke up very early in the morning today, I never imagined that I would be standing on a Brooklyn rooftop, overlooking lower Manhattan, while clunking away on needles US#35 with chunky handspun yarn gliding through my fingers.

The sun hit me right in the face and I soaked up all the warm and energetic rays. As I turned around, the Brooklyn Bridge was right there:


Me and Faune hit it off really well, I am so inspired by her artist spirit and yarn. Lots of design images popped up in my head. Faune's yarn is really talking to me!

With her artisan yarn I can go completely off the grid and let my fantasy fly, without any guidelines and restrictions. 

Maker Faire 2010 NYC

I have wished for long to collaborate with an artisan yarnmaker!

Oh sweet life, what have I done to receive this beauty. I am overwhelmed with gratitude once again and I never want this to stop.

May I make many many more of these sweet artist kindred spirits connections so that we can work together and elevate our creativity.

What a wonderful way to end this week...

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend everybody! I hope you can do a lot of knitting...








Sorry, it was me talking about La Casita's in the previous message. J.

La Casita's

Can you believe it? Last night when I went to my friend's home for Thanksgiving in Brooklyn. I passed by a yarn store around the corner that is closed for the holiday. It's LA Casita's!! I looked through the display window and found thatthey carry Schulana kid seta.I'm going to check it out today. Can't wait to go...Thanks!!

La Casita's

YAY! Happy you bumped into La Casita's by accident :)

Nancy, you live with an open

Nancy, you live with an open heart, and you meet the most wonderful people this way! I love your blog.

Thank you!

Thank you :)  I love that you love my blog! And I love meeting wonderful people...


I really have to take a trip to Brooklyn one day.  :) J.

I'm not surprised the sun was

I'm not surprised the sun was shining--it's always sunny where ever YOU are! Very cool looking yarn. 

I do hope so where ever I am

I do hope so where ever I am it's sunny :) 

The yarn is indeed cool looking, you can only find it on crafts events/sheep events.

Faune has a friend named Heather and this woman only spins with luxury fibers. She has spun with VICUNA fiber... OMG. i cannot wait to touch vicuna fiber!!!

#35?? Wow! I wish I would be

#35?? Wow! I wish I would be there too.Your blog really lights up my day. It's sunny out there today too! J.

Aren't we so lucky with this sunny weather?

Aren't we so lucky with this weather, J? I am so happy about it!

Yesterday, I also visited the CUTEST yarn shop ever called La Casita's. I didn't blog about it because I was tried last night but you really have to visit La Casita's if you are ever heading to Brooklyn!

 Your comment made me smile :)

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