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When I was a very new knitter I only knew how to do the knit stitch. So like many new knitters, I made a scarf entirely made with the knit stitch.

I learned quickly that using only knit stitch in a garment, is called "Garter Stitch".

Other than in my very first scarf, I never ever used the Garter Stitch again. That is, until recently when a lady walked into the yarnstore with the most beautiful and luscious scarf. I was simply captured by it and was surprised when I found out it was made with merely Garter Stitch!

I could not stop thinking about that scarf and just had to make it myself!

Rowan Big Wool

I scanned the store for the perfect yarn for my project and when my eye fell on Rowan Big Wool, I didn't think twice...


I grabbed three balls, big huge needles US 17 and casted on 18 stitches and Gartered away. And this is the result:


Gosh... it just blows my mind...simply Garter Stitch makes for such a nice scarf when using big hug needles and big yarn. Yummy yummy yummy...


And guess what... it makes for a SUPER QUICK KNIT! Splendid!

Soooo.... get yourself three balls of Rowan Big Wool, cast on 18 stitches with needle size US17 and knit every row until you run out of yarn.


Simply does it, simply garter.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Big needles..chunky yarn

Now I know the secret of knitting..large needles and chunky yarn! One, your project comes to life and looks so magnificent! I am on my second said project and I am addicted! I thank you for the post cause I thought a simple stitch wasn't enough but truly I am thrilled with knit stitches...still miss you when I go in Close knit :)
Shawn in Portland..


Nancy, Do you remember if the color of your scarf was heather? Sarah :)


Hi Sarah, If I am not mistaken, the color was #055 Eternal... 

garter stitch scarf

i love the garter stitch can i get the free pattern...thanks, nancy. 

The pattern is stated above in the post!

Hi there Nancy, thanks for visiting.

The pattern for the garter stitch scarf is stated in the blogpost. I write:

"Soooo.... get yourself three balls of Rowan Big Wool, cast on 18 stitches with needle size US17 and knit every row until you run out of yarn."

Good luck and happy knitting, Nancy!



Great to see you in the shop

Great to see you in the shop last Friday. Your site is delightful and look forward to reading more about both fiber and your quest to learn further about your history. I am fascinated by historical accounts of displaced (not the best word but I'm lacking for a better one just now!) individuals and families though have read none about occupied Indonesia. Can you recommend any?

love this... such inspiration

love this... such inspiration from working in the shop!

So glad your back and feeling

So glad your back and feeling well.
This scarf is luscious... Makes me want to get back to knitting.

Gorgeous! Looks so cozy and

Gorgeous! Looks so cozy and yummy.

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