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Seattle Worsted1

Last but not least, finally released today the Seattle WORSTED weight fingerless gloves knitted with needle size US#7.

The yarn used here are Malabrigo (red) and an unidentified worsted weight in my stash (brown). Just like the Seattle ARAN, I included two sizes: medium Mens and medium Womens.

For picture tutorials and DK/ARAN sizes click here and here.


Frogging makes you a stronger knitter...

In order to find out how much yarn was in each glove, I frogged the pieces. My husband asked me if that was hard to do and my answer is: not at all!

Seattle Worsted2

Frogging, or ripping out, is part of knitting/designing too. And I truly believe it makes you a stronger knitter... it also can make you an angry knitter!

To take apart the little pieces almost was poetic to me: breaking down what you have created before you grow attached to it.

Seattle Worsted3

Just like the Buddhists that make those gorgeous sand mandalas only to destroy it after they are done with their project.

But really, I do need to purchase a weighing scale! As a pattern writer, it is a must to have one.

Seattle gloves can be addictive!

I have knitted lots and lots of Seattle gloves in the past. I just could not stop making them. 

The cadence and rhythm of the pattern was so soothing to me. Knowing that I had implemented certain numbers in the design that would reflect ultimate symmetry, balanced me while working on them.


Also, I had the beautiful opportunity to work with many gorgeous yarns. was so much fun...

Coming week is going to be a busy one again for me. Come back tomorrow to see what's in store.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, I am going to knit on some socks and just try to relax and enjoy this beautiful Halloween Sunday.

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!

mountain and river




I JUST happen to have

I JUST happen to have Malabrigo yarn in my bag right now.  I am going to knit up a pair for myself!  Just happen to have. I wish I was on let's make a deal and they asked me if I had yarn in my bag and an extra $300 if it was Malabrigo!! I would take the $300 and buy MORE yarn!  lol

Me too!

Me too, give me the $300 and I am right at the yarn shop dropping it all! I love love love Malabrigo!

Nancy, What yarn did you use

Nancy, What yarn did you use to make the gloves pictured? I would like to use the same.  I love the colors!

The yarns that I used...

Hi there!All the yarns in the basket are either heavy sock, DK weight or a very light worsted weight and I worked them on a needle size US#3. I don't have the color information anymore but here is a list of yarns that I've used:Colinette Cadenza, Rowan Silk Wool DK, and a bunch of other yarns I purchased way back in 2008. I wrote a post about these yarns. Click here to get to it! 


Do you have a pair to match every outfit? Thanks for all your hard work.

You're welcome :)

Susan, you are most welcome... I gave away all those gloves. To friends, to family, to random strangers.

just looking at all those

just looking at all those gloves makes my hands hurt! you are SOOO! productive!!! simply amazing once again!xoxoxo

My hands are hurting right now...

I tell you what... my hands are hurting right now because I am knitting with needle size US#1 on some socks! Yikes.

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