Free Pattern: Nettie Hat



Inspired by the Felicity Hat designed by Brooklyn based crafty queen Wanett Clyde, I am presenting to you the Nettie Hat.

Special thanks to Wanett Clyde for granting me permission to publish the Nettie Hat for free here on Getting Purly With It. Wannet's Ravelry name is "Nettie" and to honor her I named this hat after her!

The Nettie Hat is an easy stockinette stitch based hat which I offer you in two different versions. (Scroll all the way down to get to PDF files.)

Nettie Hat Version 1 is knit in the round using US5 and US7 circular 16" (yarn used in this picture Malabrigo Silk/Merino):


And Nettie Hat Version 2 is knitted flat using US7 circular 24". This version has a fun element to it: ruching which bunches up at the base of the hat (yarn used in this picture Madeline Tosch DK):


How to create the ruches

I think the Nettie Hat version 1 is pretty straightforward; in the round, decreasing for top, and there you have your hat.

Nettie Hat version 2 might need a mini picture tutorial, so here we go!

Version 2 is knitted flat and after you are done with decreasing for the top, and you have threaded the remaining stitches and fastened it off, your piece should look like this:


In the above picture my piece is laying flat to dry because I wet blocked it. I always wet block my pieces, you don't have to if you don't want to.

Wet blocking is optional but I have to say, it does eliminate somewhat the curling of the edges since this piece is knitted in stockinette stitch.

Seam the sides of hat together using the mattress stitch aka invisible seam stitch:

NettieHat5 NettieHat6

If you don't know how to do the mattress stitch, go to, click on their "tips" tab, scroll down until you hit "mattress stitch" and watch the video.

Once it is seamed, bunch up your hat by pushing the end up along the your seamed tail:


How far to bunch it up is all up to you. Do a little bit, see how you like it and if you want some more ruching, go ahead and bunch it up some more.

I like the outcome of Nettie Hat version 2:

Photo 60

NettieHat NettieHat2

The many different yarns I used for the Nettie Hat

This hats needs 140 yards of  light worsted weight or heavy DK weight yarn.

So far I have used the following yarns:

Venezia worsted by Cascade, Malabrigo Silk Merino, Madeline Tosh DK, and Cotton/Bamboo by Classic Elite.

I think it is especially nice when you use somewhat slouchy fiber such as silks, cotton, bamboo mercerized cotton, rayon. Great since we are heading into warmer weather!

And now for the PDF files!

Click on the links below to get the PDF files of your Nettie Hat:

Nettie Hat Version 1

Nettie Hat Version 2

I am leaving you with a slide show of all the yarns I used to make the Nettie Hat.

Have fun with your Nettie Hat! Wheeeeee!




Nettie Hat 2 is allll mine :)

I just purchased a turquoise nettie hat #2 from Kassandra in Portland :) I loved the color so much I couldn't put it down... now I am going to attempt the pattern to share it with my family and friends! Thank YOU!!!!!!


I am so happy you got the turqoise Nettie hat #2!!! The yarn is Madeline Tosh and it's a delight to work with...

Thanks for letting me know, it makes me feel so good that you appreciate my work :)

love the Hat!

I am going to do this one after the chunky scarf!

Easy Hat!

Yay! I am glad you are liking the patterns! Have fun knitting the Nettie Hat... :)

hurray for the new website!

love this hat! it's so cute! thanks for inviting me to your new website! looking forward to your adventures and post!

Thanks so much for stopping

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment! If you sign up as a registered user, you no longer will be anonymous!Anyways, thanks for commenting and hope you will visit often :)

Thanks for the lovely

Thanks for the lovely patterns! Iknit2purl2 sent me your way from Twitter - I'll browse the site a bit now, just wanted to leave a short thanks!

Hi Nicole, Some hats I keep,

Hi Nicole, Some hats I keep, some hats I give away, some hats I will have displayed at a yarnstore. Mostly though, I give away all my knitted items. Especially when I see how somebody falls in love with something I knitted, I give it to them. That way I know that they value it, and will wear it. Cheers, Nancy

may i ask... what do you do

may i ask... what do you do with all the hats you make?

Wow, these are very good.

Wow, these are very good. I've got the yarn. I've off to get busy. Thanks so much.

Thanks so much for the

Thanks so much for the patterns! I'm going to be doing some hat knitting!

you crack me up!!! i love the

you crack me up!!! i love the malabrigo color way you used so springy!! love the netti hat!! love ya! love it all!!!

Wow, girl, you are one busy

Wow, girl, you are one busy knitter! I love both versions. Thanks so much!