Free Pattern: Miss Jenni Shawl



A luscious Feather and Fan Shawl, knitted with two different yarns held together.

You are going to knit two identical pieces which are later on joined with the three needle bind off technique.

The main body consists of the Feather and Fan pattern stitch, however with a slight variation.

In this post you will find:

  1. Picture tutorial
  2. How to wear your Miss Jenni Shawl
  3. Pdf file with pattern Miss Jenni Shawl (scroll all the way down)

The material: two dainty yarns


For my Miss Jenni Shawl, I am using two balls of Kidsilk Haze by Rowan (color 627) and two balls of Lace Merino Silk by Karabella (color 7211). My favorite customer at Closeknit called Sharon, who became my dear friend, gave me the inspiration to work with these beautiful reds! These two yarns combined together make for a very chique effect. With one strand of Kidsilk Haze and one strand of Lace Merino Silk held together, cast on 56 stitches.


Make two identical pieces!

Make your first Feather and Fan piece. Do not cast off but put it aside on a needle holder or spare 24" circ. needle.


Now start your second piece:


Where to stop within the pattern

I will instruct you to stop within the pattern after row 8, which is a wrong side row. Do row 8, and stop right there. If you turn your work around, it should look like this:

Three needle bind off2

I will have you stop right there for the sake of symmetry; it will line up perfectly with the three needle bind off and I like how it looks.

Getting ready for the three needle bind off

When you are ready for the three needle bind off, make sure the Right Sides of your two identical pieces, face each other:

Three needle bind off6

Align your two pieces neatly and you are ready to do join the pieces together:

Three needle bind off7 Three needle bind off8

Some useful tips for binding off

My working needle in this project is an Addi Turbo lace circ. needle.

I love working with those, but I dislike binding off with it because it is quite slippery. So I change everything to my wooden needles to bind off.

Three needle bind off9

Also, to bind off I use a needle size that is one size bigger than my working needle. Since my working needle is a US8, I am using a US9 to bind off.

I do this because the three needle bind off can be quite sturdy and tight. To relax it a bit, I am throwing the US9 needle in the mix.

Three needle bind off and its effect

Three needle bind off10

You are ready to do the three needle bind off.

If you have never done this before, go the cast off section of, scroll all the way down and see how Amy Finlay does it.

Afterwards, your piece should look like this:

Three needle bind off11

And all laid out it should look like this from the wrong side:

Three needle bind off12

And like this from the right side:

Three needle bind off13

Wetblocking and drying

Three needle bind off16

This part is optional...

I always wet block my pieces and lay them flat to dry. I soak my piece in luke warm water, with a drop of Eucalan.

After blocking, I lay my piece to dry peacefully on my drying rack:

Three needle bind off15

I love how the stitches are all evened out after blocking. Looks neat and tidy!


Besides that, my shawl grew about 7" after I blocked it. I like that!

How to wear your Miss Jenni Shawl

You can wear your Miss Jenni Shawl for a night out over a dress or you can wear it casual.

Loop it around your neck and have the ends hanging down at the front:


Or wear it like in previous picture but make a knot in front:


Or throw one end over your shoulder so it is visible from the back:

2 6

Or fold your piece double, put it around your neck, and pull both end through loop:


Very special thanks to my friend Chris Tolomei from the blog alice thelma for taking such wonderful pictures of me and my Miss Jenni Shawl!!!

Great photography job, Chris!

And now for the pdf file for the Miss Jenni Shawl!


This shawl is named after my dear friend Miss Jenni.

She is a sweetheart and loves the Feather and Fan stitch.

Love you much sweet Miss Jenni, this one is dedicated to you...

For the pdf file, click on the link below:

Miss Jenni Shawl

Enjoy and Happy Easter!!!

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For spring/summer...

Do you think I could substitute a linen yarn for the mohair/silk/merino combo you used? 

Yes, a linen yarn would be

Yes, a linen yarn would be excellent for this pattern!

[...] our tour of yarn shops

[...] our tour of yarn shops on Saturday, Nancy wore a shawl of her own design, called Miss Jenni and this pattern is now available for FREE on her blog. Isn’t it [...]

Nancy, Well, I guess


Well, I guess that's my que to get started. So, I will be casting on my Miss Jenni tomorrow.


Wonderful! I'll be calling

Wonderful! I'll be calling around next week looking for the yarn. I'll call Close Knit first.

I saw you were out yarn shopping with Chris when I read her blog.

I'm currently knitting your hat pattern, "Sally Hat." It's turning out very well and I love the yarn. Mine is a soft green in the yarn the pattern mentioned. In fact you handed it to me in Close Knit! My daughter also bought yarn to do one in gray.

I'm thrilled to get this feather and fan pattern. Will post a picture of my hat when it's finished.

I love feather and fan. Miss

I love feather and fan. Miss Jenni is gorgeous!

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