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Note added 01-04-2011: 

**This pattern calls for 160 yards of worsted weight yarn, but if you have a skein of only 150 yards (such as 6-ply Mongolian Cashmere  from Jade Sapphire) just SKIP STEP 6 in the pattern and you will be fine!**

These long fingerless gloves made out of Cascade Venezia will make any girl feel feminine and a bit naughty.

Photoshoot Lana5 Photoshoot Lana7 Photoshoot Lana6

Knitted straight and then later seamed. These are similar to the Adrienne Gloves but have a smoother appearance.

Go to the Adrienne Glove page to see a general picture tutorial on how to seam your glove and were to place thumb opening.

They make for great gifts! Hope you like knitting them.

Photoshoot Lana4

Been quiet around here

It has been quiet around here lately... It has been hard for me gathering the excitement of posting or knitting.

What can I say? I blame it on Summer. 

Sometimes, I am in a knitting rut and I just have to ride it out. I hope all of you are doing fine and are happily knitting away!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Question about yarn for Lana/Tara gloves

Hello Nancy,I love your fingerless glove designs!  I am in the UK and I have question about yarn.  I understand that worsted weight is somewhere in between DK and Aran weight and this is not available in the UK.  I note that the Lana gloves have a gauge of 20st/4" and Tara have gauge of 18st/4" both in worsted on US 7 needles and that the Adrienne has 18st/4" on Manos del Uruguay DK (again with US 7 needles).I particularly like the Tara gloves but before I purchase the pattern I wanted to enquire as to whether the pattern would work in DK (I particularly like the MdU silk and serena) or whether it would be too 'thin'.Many thanks, Sharon 

Hi Sharon,  Worsted weight

Hi Sharon, 

Worsted weight yarn is not available at all in the UK? 

I've made all three gloves with DK, worsted and Aran weight yarn. When I made it with DK, they all came out slightly smaller. When I made it with Aran, they all came out slightly bigger. 

It also depends on your gauge, of course. Are you a very tight knitter, then I would say no, don't knit it with DK yarn, unless you go up a needle size.

But if you are a loose knitter, I would say go ahead and use the DK weight yarn with needle size US7. 

Also, sometimes DK weight yarns are on the heavy side and I have come to notice the some DK weight yarns are on the very light side.

Boy, I think I didn't make it easier for you, did I, Sharon? Why don't you try to knit one of the free patterns first before purchasing the Tara gloves? The Lana gloves are my favorite, I have to say.

Happy knitting.




Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your prompt reply Nancy. I have never seen worsted weight yarns in any of the UK online stores that I have looked at.  I am a loose knitter and I do have small hands, so perhaps DK will work out fine for me.  I will give it a try and let you know how I get on; I'll probably try the Lana pattern first to see how the DK works out. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. Sharon

Love these gloves!

Hi NancyJust wanted to say thank you so much for posting this lovely pattern. I just finished knitting a pair for my mum for Christmas and I love them so much I'm going to knit three more pairs as Christmas presents and my flat mate is also going to have a go! They are really beautiful, thank you!  

Thanks for letting me know

Thanks for letting me know that you like these gloves! It's always a good feeling to know that my work is appreciated. You made my day...

lana gloves

hi, I was in your store today and bought yarn for your gloves, I love all of them! I want to make the lana gloves shorter, you wrote to omit step six in the pattern, I would like them even a little shorter what other step can I omit? I cant wait to get started! thanks again

Hi there, if you want an even

Hi there, if you want an even shorter glove, omit step 6 and 5. If you want it really short, omit step 4 too.

The Lana gloves are knitted top down, so basically you can stop whenever you want and start doing step 7 which is the ribbing part.

Good luck.

Un modèle superbe ! Merci

Un modèle superbe ! Merci pour le tuto !

De rien! Glad you liked it :)

De rien! Glad you liked it :)

skinny wrist

Hi I am making these gloves, thanks for the free pattern! I was wondering if I have a skinny wrist should I modify the first increase section. If so any ideas how would be appreciated. 

Try to use a smaller size

Try to use a smaller size needle for about 1" at the section of your wrist (about 3.5" from CO edge). That is the easiest way. It will draw the knitted fabric in.

The pattern itself is pretty snug at the wrist already, though. But give it a try with the smaller size needle.

i have a question if someone

i have a question if someone can help me here. should i block these before or after i seam them together?

Hi there,   Usually, I block

Hi there,  

Usually, I block my Lana Gloves BEFORE I seam them up. 

Good luck!


Lana = wool? or synonym for ?

As a woman named Lana I have watched for years my name being attached to women to denote slutty. Nor I can interpet it to just mean wool. HEre, though, I am not sure what the itnent of calling them Lana gloves is. O well, naughty or wooly, they are gorgeous.  Red is my fav color.  Apporpo for a Lana person

These gloves are named after

These gloves are named after the model! Lana is a beautiful lady, and at the time of the photoshoot I had not named the gloves yet.

They looked so good on Lana, that I decided to name the gloves...Lana!

Nancy, I landed here via your

Nancy, I landed here via your link on knittingpatterncentral, and was so glad to see it was your pattern. The gloves are gorgeous!


Glad you like it, everybody! Thanks so much for your great comments :)


Another great pattern! How do you do it?

Lana Glove

Nancy,It's great to see you come full circle with this design.  I remember when you were test knitting it.  Hope all is well.  Great things are in your future. Sharon 

La La La Love!!!

Nancy, just when I think I will never love a glove as much as the adrienne, you share another amazing knit! I am knitting gifts for my mom and her friends who are going on a trip to Russia, and I have 2 adrienne gloves down so far, but will start this new treat right away! I love the smoothness, but they still have that victorian style look I love! I am so excited. Don't forget to go to in Brooklyn, and think of me, I think of you often! Thank you!

ooo pretty!

These gloves look gorgeous. Think I might knit them up for someone as a Christmas gift!

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