Following my Heart, Part 5: Since I met you, Baby...

In July of 2001, my Mother brought me to the Island of Java, Indonesia. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to see the land where my Great Grandmothers and Great Grandfathers are from. I was, however, so depressed and therefore so tired, that all I wanted to do is sleep. When my Mother suggested to visit Java's neighboring island called Bali, I whined: "Mom, I just want to go home. Please?" Luckily, she persuaded me to go to Bali before we were to head back to the Netherlands...

How Bali completely energized and mesmerized me

I was running on empty, my energy was thoroughly depleted, and off we went to Bali. As soon as I set foot on that wonderful magical island, my whole being rejoiced. Bali's creative energy and gentle spirituality peeled off this nasty layer of worry and distress that had been wrapped around me.

Me and Mom in Bali July 2001

My energy bloomed beautifully, my head was finally turned to the bright sun and all I could do was SMILE.

I met many interesting travelers, who all lead a life so differently than mine. They would tell me their adventurous stories and their hunger for making art and their need to be free spirits tickled me beyond belief. I adored them. I simply adored them... and I realized that I was too chicken and too square to lead a life as adventurous as theirs.

When I told one traveler that I was to afraid to be free he said to me: "Girl... why do you keep your door so firmly closed? I can see your magical and powerful light seeping through." When I looked at him wide-eyed, he simply laughed: " All you have to do is throw that door open wide,  with all of your might! But only when you are ready for it. And that day will come."

Counting shooting stars

Then one night, I find myself on a beach counting shooting stars  with an American guy I met in a post office.

Yes, you read that right... I met my husband in a post office somewhere on the island of Bali. How's that romantic for ya? With this guy I had the most magical and fun time of my life for only one day and one night. He was to leave the island in just a couple of days after we hung out together and offered to stay longer to spend more time with me.

Believe it or not, but I kindly declined. I strongly felt the need to be by myself and to explore Bali by myself for there was a lot for me to think about and to figure out.  I vividly remember how he looked at me somewhat disappointed and said: "Okay, I will leave as you wish. But next time when we meet, and you send me away, I will not listen to you."

Dear reader, all I did was raise my eyebrows and think to myself; "Yeah right. You live in New York City and I live in Amsterdam. We ain't NEVER going to see each other ever again." We parted ways the next day when he left for New York City. That was at the end of July of 2001.

My whole life has changed


Little did I know back then, that this guy from New York City would marry me 4 years after we first met on the island of Bali. 

Little did I know back then, that my whole life would change from being square and locked into false securities into an adventurous traveling life.

Little did I know back then, that meeting this man was the start of a journey of finding myself, and tapping into a marvelous creative and artistic energy. He did not come into my life, swept me off my feet and saved me. Absolutely no such a thing!

San Francisco13

What he did and has done ever since we met, is providing me with a good environment to explore myself and to let me find out myself to what greatness one is capable of. He lets me be ME by carefully nurturing my path so that I can flow in freedom. Since I met this man, my whole life has changed...

Our 4th wedding anniversary

Gulf of Mexico5

We will celebrate our 4th anniversary coming Tuesday, May 19th... And I am so excited!

I will leave you today with a song covered by UB 40 and Lady Saw. The way Lady Saw breaks it down to UB 40's lead singer Ali Campbell... I can identify! The way Lady Saw shakes her shoulders while she walks of the stage at the end of the song... I can identify! It's so me! [youtube=]

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Gefeliciteerd en nog heel

Gefeliciteerd en nog heel veel jaren met lots of Love and happiness. Edith

gefeliciteerd. what a

gefeliciteerd. what a wonderful story.

Happy anniversary! What a

Happy anniversary! What a lovely story.

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