Following my Heart Part 4: Los Angeles



Regular readers of this blog must remember that I started a series called "Following my Heart". In these series I write about my travels throughout the USA and ultimately when and how I became a knitter. I have been wanting to do this in chronological order but instead I will write about the highlights and lowlights for that matter, or whatever and where ever inspiration takes me. Today I feel it is time to tell you about my travels to Los Angeles.

  Pretending I am a movie star

Barely recovered from my time in Chicago, I suddenly find myself in Los Angeles, California. Guess where exactly we staid..? Hollywood! I remember how wide eyed I was and how I would soak in all the visuals that this exciting city offered me. "Hollywood, I am in Hollywood...", I would repeatedly say to myself as I walk down Hollywood boulevard all the while pretending that I myself am a moviestar.


The best thing of my stay in Hollywood was the people I met in the courtyard of our hotel. Every morning I would claim my spot at one of the tables close to the pool and chatter with other guests. And what colorful characters these guests were! How eagerly I would listen to what brought them to Los Angeles.


Danny, a young guy from NYC, had come all the way to Hollywood to become a p*o*r*n star. Will you believe me if I tell you that he even let me read the script he was supposed to memorize? Without blinking my eyes I flipped through it and congratulated him with his part in the movie. Diane, a professor in english literature and recovering alcoholic, had written a script about her life and was trying to sell it to this crazy cigar smelling movie director. On the day of their meeting, Diane was so nervous and seriously needed a drink. I told her that was out of the question. But when I saw the crazy cigar smelling director walk into the lobby of the hotel, I turned to her and said: "Let me get you a drink, Diane. I think you will need one". Enjoying life How I enjoyed my time in Hollywood... We would go to beaches, have margaritas, be cheesy tourists and go on a bustour to the Hills in the hope to spot a celebrity. We would go to parties, watch the rich and beautiful and be amazed at the lifestyle they lead. I felt light as a feather and beautiful during that time in my life, everything was so super exciting and new. Not a care in the world I had; I had no work obligations, no study obligations... I was a woman of leisure.

EttaJamesLAbeachLAGraffitilemonssunbathing swimmingpoolVelvet-MargaritaLAflowersLAflower2dolphins

It is hard to imagine that I was not a knitter in those days.

If you would have bumped into me in Hollywood and if you would have told me that I would become a knitter and would end up working in a yarnshop, I would probably have laughed at you and snobbishly would have replied: "Me knitting? Domestic arts and crafts? You have got to be kiddin' me".

Thank you for reading and untill the next entry..!


Nancy, I just love hearing

Nancy, I just love hearing your stories. You're so down to earth, and so "real". I almost felt like I was sitting there with you and the friends you made by the pool. They probably returned home and told their friends about the nice, pretty girl they met by the pool! :-)

Oh Nancy, the good old days

Oh Nancy, the good old days huh! What fun you had. I grew up in Northern Calif. Hollywood still is a movie set to me. I love how you described your time there. Thanks for sharing.

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