Following my Heart: Part 2


We got married in New York on a beautiful day in May, 2005. Only our parents and my husband's brother attended our sweet and very small ceremony.

I remember how a light breeze ruffled my hair as I looked into the big amber eyes of my soon to be husband. I slipped my hands into his hands and as the ceremony began, we were smiling, smiling, smiling!

How did we meet you might wonder? How does a gal from Amsterdam end up with a guy from New York City?

Well, we met in a post office... somewhere on the magical Island of Bali...

Bali - Amsterdam - Manhattan

In August 2001 I traveled with my mom to the magical Island of Bali. How I loved the gentle spiritual and creative energy that was all around present on the island! I was surrounded constantly by enchanting nature, gorgeous beaches, friendly people and so much beautiful art!

One day while I was strolling down the streets of Seminyak, I wandered into a small post office to buy some stamps and postcards. As I entered the post office I noticed that the clerk was carefully packing a stunningly beautiful wood carved art of a Balinese Goddess.

The guy who was sending off this Goddess waited patiently for the clerk to be done while sitting on a bench. Because of his Italian features I assumed he was from Italy and I asked him how much it costs to send of such a big piece of art to Europe.

He rose up from his bench, walked up to me with a light swing in his movements as if he was dancing, and much to my surprise and amusement, out comes this thick New York accent and I could not help but giggle!

Several days later we had our first dinner date and as the sun was setting we found a romantic spot on the beach. I remember how we both gazed at the starry nightsky and how we both pointed at the many shooting stars we saw.

We only spend one evening with eachother on Bali. He was to leave the next day back to Manhattan and I never ever thought we would see eachother again.

We said goodbye to eachother at the end of August of 2001. Little did we suspect that only within 2 weeks something horrific was about to happen in Manhattan on September 11th.

He was in lower Manhattan while the attacks on the Twin Towers occured during that black day in history. Days after he called me and asked if he could please see me again and visit me in Amsterdam. "Life is too short", I remember him saying, "It can all be over like that."

And so began our long distance relationship. For 4 years we flew back and forth between Amsterdam and Manhattan untill we finally got married.

How perfect and at peace the world felt while we sat on the beach under the starry nightsky in Bali. And what horror occurs in that same "perfect" world we all live in.

Yes, life is too short... Please enjoy it and please grab every single opportunity to love and cherish every single moment with your loved ones. And please, let us not hate and destroy... bring forth love always and... create.

amsterdam2 NYC2

As for knitting

I am afraid that besides finishing some sock(lette)s, I haven't done much knitting over the past days.

First sock finished Second sock finished

Instead, I have been very much enjoying ThanksGiving with my husband's family in New York.

Today, we drove back to Hartford and while I was enjoying the beautiful autumnal colors of the trees my husband put his hand on mine and told me how incredibly grateful he was we met in Bali. I smiled and my heart swelled!

Thanks for reading and untill next time...

Following my Heart: Part 1


I think it's very romantic !

I think it's very romantic ! And what your husband says is very true, life is too short and you'd better enjoy life to the fullest !!
Wishing you many more happy years together !

What a sweet, sweet, story.

What a sweet, sweet, story. It must have been fate for you two to be in the same place at the same time. I think fate possibly brings many people together, but for whatever reason (shyness, being in a hurry, etc.), they don't approach one another, and never even realize they 'could' have just met their soulmate.

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