Flowers in the palm of my hands


This morning, when I woke up from a turkey induced coma, I had only one thing on my mind: knitting fingerless gloves for my next craft event.

I have already knitted over 10 pairs over the past week and I just can't get enough of it. I simply love making them and lucky me, fingerless gloves are somehow very in vogue these days.

Today I would like to share with you were my love for fingerless gloves finds its origin.

When I first came to the USA in 2001 I had a very vivid dream. By that time I had no idea what this dream meant, only thing I knew was that it was a beautiful dream, one I still remember until this very day.

Flowers in the palm of my hands


Nine years ago, I found myself in a very confusing situation. I walked away from a job in corporate business, gave up my Economic Studies just inches from the finish line and was wandering aimlessly, not knowing were to go. 

The only thing that was certain is that I had a yearn to be free. A yearn to explore and embark on adventures that would ultimately lead me to a place were I would be for a very long time. A place were I would belong.

In December of 2001, while visiting this guy in NYC I had met on the Island of Bali, I had a very vivid dream:

I am standing on a mountain top and gaze into the horizon which is purple with soft streaks of blue because the evening is setting in. All around me I see evergreens and other mountains with nothing but evergreens . The sky is getting darker and darker and I watch the stars appear slowly one by one. 

When the sky is completely filled with soft twinkly stars, I hear music and I begin to dance.

Right on that mountain top under a starry night sky, I dance and I feel happy and free. I look at my hands and to my pleasant surprise, I see a flower in each of my palms. One is blue and the other one is yellow. 

I feel even more happy and while still dancing I softly toss the flowers from my hands into the night sky. I look at my hands, thinking they will be empty but new flowers appear.

I keep on dancing and tossing flowers into the night sky over and over again. I am amazed of the beauty I hold in the palm of my hands, and I am ever more amazed that whenever I set these flowers free, even more flowers appear. 

I feel happy, light and free. And I have a new appreciation for my hands. I think they are so beautiful.

Fingerless gloves

As soon as I learned how to knit in 2006, I only wanted one thing: knit something to grace my beautiful hands. Since I was a newbie knitter, I needed a simple design that was knitted flat but I couldn't find any online. So I created one myself. 

That wasn't too hard, now was it

And ever since then, I have never stopped creating fingerless gloves.

I love making them and they always remind me of that vivid dream I had way back in 2001.

You hold beauty in your hands

I would like to end this blog post by giving you the message that was given to me in my dream: 


Have you recently looked at all the knitted goodness that came from YOUR HANDS? Don't you just love that YOU MADE THAT? 

With your hands, you can create anything you want. Not only knitting, but really ANYTHING you want.

Tell me, what beautiful goodness came from your hands? A yummy pie? A knitted scarf? A traditional Thanksgiving dinner? A crafty business?

Or maybe you enveloped somebody's face in your hands and kissed them?

Share with us, we are dying to know!


Thank you for reading and until the next entry...






Poppy flowers

Dear Nancy,I'm from Switzerland. In an advertisement fo La Casita yarn shop I saw your most beautiful poppy flowers and I would love to make them. As you will understand I can't attend your course. Would it be possible to mail me an instruction how to make them?Love to a great designer,Erika Hüsler

Hello Erika, you can purchase

Hello Erika, you can purchase the poppy flower pattern as a downloadable pdf file on Ravelry. Here's the link:


Chance encounter

Nancy, I met you at the Brooklyn yarn shop after Thanksgiving. You brought in the lovely red fingerless gloves and gave me your website. I've made 4 pair so far and am delighted with the results. Your pattern instructions are excellent. I will be back to Brooklyn in Jan. when the grandchild is born. I hope we meet again. Best wishes.

Hi there! I am so happy to

Hi there!

I am so happy to hear that you made 4 pair already! Thank you so much for letting me know, I truly appreciate that :)

A grandchild on the way? How exciting!!!

Will see you at La Casita's in Brooklyn again, I am sure...


Thanks for sharing your beautiful dream!I absolutely love fingerless gloves and I really love your patterns.  My only problem is that I am horrible at seaming!  It seems to ruin the entire project.  Do you have any tips on seaming better?  Any chance you will do a tutorial in the future for your gloves?  I've tried following others on the net but no luck.

Hi there, thanks for

Hi there, thanks for visiting!

Tips for seaming...practice the mattress stich aka invisible seam! There is a great tutorial on this seaming technique over at, look for the mattress stitch in the finishing section. And I also did a tutorial on doing the mattress stitch on my Vanessa Headband. Go here to check it out.

There are several tutorials on fingerless gloves in my website. Go to the pattern section and look for the free fingerless gloves section. The latest tutorial I did was on the Seattle Aran weight fingerless glove. Have fun!


You are my inspiration!

You are my inspiration!

I have done my job well :)

Susan, it's an honor to have inspired you. That means I have done my job well.

So much inspiration to give and to share!

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