Flower Basket Shawl in detail



The Flower Basket Shawl (FBS) is off of my needles. Yay! I am so happy with this project. I knitted this project with lots of love and meaning. Next, a very detailed description of my progress will follow. Lots of technicalities!

Are you ready? Let's go.

Provisional Cast on

  This pattern starts with a provisional cast on, which is a method completely new to me. It was challenging to fully grasp what I needed to do but thanks to a wonderful tutorial over at the blog"Get it knitted", I was able to figure it out.

Click here for the tutorial. It took me several try outs, but I got it in the end! It is quite nifty...

Wonderful lace rhythm


First of all, the pattern is so very well written. Easy to read, precise, and no where in the pattern was there a challenging spot for me to understand. Thank you, Evelyn A. Clark, so very well done. I love it! The flower basket lace pattern looks deceivingly difficult, but I have discovered it to be very easy. It has a wonderful "rhythm", and I just wanted to keep on going and going. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Joining a new ball


For joining a new ball of yarn, I choose to apply the "spit splice" method.

Step 1: Split the ends of working yarn and new ball of yarn in two.


Step 2: Now you have spliced each yarn end in two. Of the two divided strands, cut one strand, so that you have a short end and a long end.


Step 3: Connect the short end with the opposite long end. Dip your finger in water (or use some spit - yuck -), wet the strands just a bit, then rub the two strands thoroughly between the palms of your hands. This is called the "spit" method. This makes it felt and it becomes one!

Now twist the long remaining strand around the connected strands.


Step 4: Now, the shorter strand remains. Apply again the "spit" method.


TADA! Connected and you are ready to continue!


Casting off loosely...

Most of the time, a pattern will tell you to cast off loosely. I always have a hard time with casting off loosely but found a way to fix my problem:

For casting off, I always use a needle size that is twice bigger than my working needle size.

So, since I am working with needle US 9, I use needle US 10.5 to cast off. Works well for me!

Time to Block!


I always submerge my piece completely in water with a just a drop of Eucalan.

I gently take it out of the water, and gently squeeze out as much water as possible. Then I roll it in a towel, push hard on my towel to squeeze out even more water!


Pinning fun!


For blocking you need pins and blocking wires. I don't have both but substituted pins for safety pins, and blocking wire with just a smooth yarn.

Next I applied Yarn Harlot's ingenious technique for lace blocking.

Click here for her wonderful tutorial!

I meticulously followed her instructions and it is simply grand!


Phew! All done! Now, I relax and wait for my shawl to completely dry. Cannot wait, cannot wait!

I think I deserve a cupcake...


Thanks for reading and until very soon!


[...] late, I found a

[...] late, I found a tutorial on the split and spit method here, it would have come in extremely handy for this [...]

Thanks for the mini split and

Thanks for the mini split and spit tutorial! I just used it this evening with some Rowan felted tweed, and it worked just great.

OOOOO AAAAAH.. :) I just came

OOOOO AAAAAH.. :) I just came from Close Knit and was brave enough to sit in.. your voice is in my head saying "you can do it!" I love this project and I am following you...stitch by stitch!

[...] late, I found a

[...] late, I found a tutorial on the split and spit method here, it would have come in extremely handy for this [...]

Nice! I didn't know of the

Nice! I didn't know of the split and spit method before. But will use it with my next project. I just finished a lace shawl as well! Love them...

WAUW!!!!! mooi kleurtje ook

WAUW!!!!! mooi kleurtje ook en bedankt voor de nodige tips.
Die cupcake heb je wel verdient en dat kleurt er ook nog mooi bij. Nice pictures.

Wow, that was quick! It looks

Wow, that was quick! It looks lovely. Now we need a picture of you wearing it.

Lovely, and yes, you do

Lovely, and yes, you do deserve that cupcake!

beautiful shawl and tasty

beautiful shawl and tasty cupcake!

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