Finishing up even more stuff

Watching the Harvest Moon rise

  Last Thursday, September 27, me and my honey set out to watch the Harvest Moon rise over downtown Portland, OR. I wanted to take some pictures of this moon, but of course I had to forget my tripod... While we strolled towards the overlook, hand in hand, giggling like two teenagers, we found this romantic spot:


And then we watched the moon rise... sigh... it was so incredibly beautiful, romantic and mysterious. It was as if the moon was on fire...

Black Sari


See how my choli almost disappears behind the black sari I am wearing? I simply love that... it is so subtle... I am utterly content with my little choli creation.



Finished Choli

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Sirino by Great Adirondack – Colorway Cappucino
Yardage: 675 
Needles: Crystal Palace Circ. #1 and #2
Gauge: 8 stitches to an inch in stockinette stitch

Specifics on the Lady Elenenors

Sari Style 2

Pattern: Lady Eleanor from the book Scarf Style
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Colorway 245
Yardage: 10 balls used in totall
Needles: Crystle Palace circ. # 9

Finished Lady II

Pattern: Lady Eleanor from the book Scarf Style
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Colorway 258
Yardage: 10 balls used in totall
Needles: Addi Turbos #8

More finished stuff!

mountain and river

Remember all those little squares I made? I finally seamed them all up into gloves:

finished-Seattle-Gloves finished-Seattle-Gloves-2

Those are all from my fingerless glove Seattle pattern, knit up in all kinds of dk and light worsted weight yarn. All together I made 18 pairs...


What can I say... I am a compulsive knitter. See ya!


I love the fingerless glove

I love the fingerless glove circle.......they are beautiful colors!! And Lady Eleanor is gorgeous.
I have a question for you, the needle sizes on the fingerless glove patterns; are they in mm's.
Take care,

Wow ! The choli is perfect !

Wow !
The choli is perfect ! You look stunning in your sari with it, very pretty !
Ik heb nog nooi een sari aangehad maar vindt het er altijd erg elegant uitzien, heel vrouwelijk.
De Lady Eleanors zijn ook heel erg mooi geworden allebei, door de kleuren ook weer heel verschillend. En zoveel fingerless gloves, heb je zoveel last van koude handen :-)
of heb je er een doel voor ?
Je mist Oktober in Nederland zeg je , maar bij jou is het ook echt prachtig zo te zien ! Zoiets vind je hier niet,maar ja perfect krijg je het toch niet, waar je ook bent ! Degene met wie je daar bent is veel belangrijker.

Ohh, that rainbow of

Ohh, that rainbow of fingerless mitts is beautiful.

I love the choli; I have a few friends that wear saris on occasion, so it's giving me ideas.

The Lady Eleanors are quite stunning also. The first one in the more subtle colorway is particularly fetching--love the way you wrapped it like a sari. =D

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