Finished: Two Tone Ribbed Shrug from Fitted Knits

TTRS Model1

Pattern: Two Tone Ribbed Shrug
BookFitted Knits, Designer Stefanie Japel
Yarn: 3.5 balls of Wave by Filatura di Crosa
Needles: Addi’s circ 24″ US 7 and Plastic circ 24″ US 5
Cast on date: March 12 , 2008
Cast off date: March 16 , 2008

What a simple and quick knit

I am smitten by this simple and quick knit! It was so easy, and the pattern was so easy to follow and very well written. Really... easy peasy. Let's look at the details!

Raglan from the top down

TTRS Schematics

Just like all other designs in Stefanie Japel's book Fitted Knits, this cute shrug is knitted from the top down with the raglan technique. This entails that you will start at the neck section and make your way down to the arms by simply making increases. This is best viewed from the back:

TTRS finished Back

After the main body and sleeves are finished you will pick up stitches and then work your way up with a simple 2x2 ribbing.

TTRS picking up and ribbing part

Within this ribbing you will increase at the sides of the neck and at the sides of the bust.

TTRS finished Increases

These increases at the ribbed section make for a wonderful and elegant shape at the neck! So feminine... I love that.

TTRS finished Front

Tips from me to you

  • Please make a gauge swatch before you start knitting this up! I had to go down a needle size and if I hadn't done that, my shrug would come out to big!
  • The pattern tells you to increase by M1P. When I did the M1P, I made sure that I knitted in the back of the loop. By doing it this way, it did not create a hole.
  • The bind off has to be done very loosely. I am a tight knitter and "binding off very loosely" is kind of hard for me to do. Solution: I did my bind off with a needle that is 2 sizes bigger than the needle I was working with. And besides that I did my bind off in ribbing pattern. Came out just perfectly!


    TTRS bind off

LOVE the neckline!

Sigh... it's so elegant and lady like... it makes me swoon!

TTRS Model2

Needles to say that I am very very happy with the outcome of this project! This shrug comes in so very handy when the airco is blowing on your shoulder and neck and you are wearing a sleevless dress or tanktop. Also when you have to work in an office and your outfit is just a tad too revealing, just slip on your shrug!

Just the other night, I simply got mobbed by two female colleagues of my husband's. They screamed and were lusting after my shrug. When one of them asked me to please please knit one for her, I said: "Nope. But I can teach you how to knit!"


Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Where can you find this

Where can you find this pattern online? or at the store perhaps?

that is really cute! it looks

that is really cute! it looks great with the dress too. enjoy your vacation!

Every single thing looks so

Every single thing looks so fantastic on you! I love your sense of style. And the knitting, too, of course. =) Great job on another cute, cute, cute sweater.

I love the neckline

I love the neckline too...very elegant.

Hooray for getting your mojo back and four day knits!

That is SO cute! I don't

That is SO cute! I don't have the body type to look good in shrugs (too top heavy!), but my petite daughter would look really cute in one and I've been thinking of knitting her one. I think you've sold me on this pattern. I appreciate your tips, too! :-)

I love it! It looks great!!

I love it! It looks great!!

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