Finished: Springtime Bandit Shawl



PatternSpringtime Bandit Shawl
DesignerKate Gagnon Osborn
Yarn: 2 balls of Venezia Worsted by the brand Cascade
Needles: Addi Turbo 24″ circ. US# 9
Cast on date: March 21, 2010
Cast off date: March 25, 2010

This one makes me swoon...


I only wish you could see this shawl in person, feel its gentle touch, revel in its vintage appearance and have it caress your shoulders.

Dear reader, this one makes me swoon...


The lace pattern, which reminds me of flower petals or leaves, sway gently this way and that way, making my head spin in delight.

The border has more "open" feel because of the many yarn overs. A welcome change of aesthetics after the more "closed" feeling of the swaying flower or petals section.


Oh my lordy, what beauty. I want to cry.


And yet again, the yarn Venezia worsted by the wonderful and affordable brand Cascade, does not disappoint. I have only good things to say about it as you know by now!


On to the next project


No time to rest on my laurels, but onward to the next project!

I am using two balls of Merino/Silk Lace by the brand Karabella and two balls of Kidsilk Haze by the brand Rowan.

These two lace weight yarns are going to be knit double stranded into a luscious feather and fan scarf.

I have made this scarf with slight variation on the Feather and Fan pattern before, but now I am ready to write it out and put it in pdf file for you.

It will have a vintage feel to it... I love everything vintage!


Thank you so much for reading, my dear friend. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday...


Dear Nancy, I miss you --

Dear Nancy, I miss you -- used to see you at Close Knit -- you gave me the Amelia Earhart helmet pattern which I'm about to do for the third time (third time's the charm ...). You're into lace -- so am I! Have any ideas for lace curtains? Perhaps we could collaborate ... I heart that shawl, must give it a try. Will keep in touch with your lovely blog. Virginia from Portland

Nancy, You never cease to


You never cease to amaze me! Very beautiful piece.

Can't wait for your feather and fan pattern for the shawl so that I may start my own.

You are truly an inspiration.


thanks sister... love the

thanks sister... love the shawl.. I am attempting the lace fingerless gloves...eeeek
send your knitting love bubbles this way :)

Oh, fabulous. You're right,

Oh, fabulous. You're right, the Venezia is just perfect. I love the boldness of the color and design.

You are on a lace roll!

You are on a lace roll! Gorgeous.

Wow! This one is drop dead

Wow! This one is drop dead gorgeous. Very striking.

I'm anxious to see what you're doing in feather and fan.

Keep knitting. You just get better and better.

Absolutely stunning!

Absolutely stunning!

So so lovely like its maker:

So so lovely like its maker: )

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