Finished: Linen Summer Tunic



Pattern: My own design. However, neckline was inspired by Leah Tunic.
Yarn: 2.5 skeins of Euroflax Wetspun Linen by Louet
Needles: Addi’s circ 32″ US 6
Cast on date: Sunday, June 15, 2008
Cast off date: Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quickest Project...ever!

It only took me 6 days...6 days! I am amazed myself. This wonderful wonderful linen just made me knit on turbospeed and I couldn't help myself. All I wanted to do is knit. Sweeeet.

For this little design I actually made the math happen before I started to knit. Rather than have the design organically grow, I wanted to have my figures down so that I would not have to face too much ripping out like with my top "Attitude".


I first measured the circumference of my hips and added 1 inch. Then I measured my chest.

Hip + 1 inch = 42 inch

Chest = 36 inch

I knitted this top from the bottom up and common sense shows me that I needed to decrease from hip to chest with 6 inches (42-36=6).

Some more math and calculations showed me that if I wanted the tunic to gradually decrease, I had to make decreases 8 times, every 14th row. Easy peasy.


Initially, I wanted to make a deep V-neckline both in front and back. However, once I held the unfinished garment against my body, I quickly noticed that linen wants to drape. So I thought, why not let it be what it wants to be and I decided to shift from V-neckline to softly draped neckline.

How great my joy was when I bumped into this Leah Tunic design while perusing the net. I incorporated the neckline used in the Leah Tunic design, into my own. Thanks so much Purl Bee for sharing this design. And thanks so much Leah, for giving me inspiration for the neckline!


Bouncy and flouncy nature of Linen

I simply adore linen's drapey characther. It bounces and flounces so beautifully and one can especially see it at the neckline and at the bottom part of my tunic. I love love love it!


After I casted off, I threw my tunic in the washer and then in the dryer. Once out of the dryer I stretched out my garment vertically. You see, I wanted my stitches to elongate... Linen seems to be so pretty that way. Finally, I ironed my tunic making sure pulling the garment even more vertically.

It came out so lovely!


I can wear this tunic with some pants, I can wear it as a beach dress over my bikini and I can wear it as a nightie. I wish you all could feel how deliciously it caresses the skin... sigh. Great for hot weather!

I am very happy with the outcome of this casual and leisurely garment!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry!



Mooi, mooi ,mooi en nog eens

Mooi, mooi ,mooi en nog eens mooi. Een All-Round Tunic. Het ziet er elegant uit.
Het valt soepel om je body. Als de garen lekker soepel is, nou dan brei je het zo in 6 days, geen probleem. En trouwens het staat goed bij je kapsel.

you are so lovely. i really

you are so lovely. i really love how this garment turned out. truly one of your best nancy. so simple and elegant just like you my darling. cheers jenni

It's lovely, and it looks so

It's lovely, and it looks so cool and summery. I am amazed you designed and knit that in SIX DAYS! :-o

Gorgeous! And six days?! (I

Gorgeous! And six days?! (I can't even imagine; I'm not much of a cotton or linen knitter.)

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so beautiful! I would

This is so beautiful! I would wear it all the time too!

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