Finished: Hat "Portia" by Louisa Harding

FO Portia2

Pattern: Portia
Book: Venezia “Una Volta”, Designer Louisa Harding
Yarn: 1.5 balls of Grace-Silk & Wool by Louisa Harding
Needles: Addi’s circ 24″ US 5 and Addi circ 24″ US 7
Cast on date: March 19 , 2008
Cast off date: March 20 , 2008

Again a quick knit... 2 days!

Quick for sure, this lovely little beret pattern called Portia by Louisa Harding. However enjoyable... hmmm... not too much. I had a hard time figuring out the lace pattern and saying aloud what stitch would come after the other stitch really helped me. Usually, I simply "understand" a lace pattern and I don't have to count too much but this one... Oi.


I persevered, however, and it is really a miracle that I did not make any mistakes. The outcome I simply adore! Let's look at the details...

Not in the round

This beret is knitted flat much to my satisfaction! I am one of those knitters that doesn't like to knit on dpns and really, I don't mind seaming at all. So decrease it goes, and then later seamed from the top down:

Decrease Portia Seam Portia

I used the mattress stitch for seaming and it went very well. Had a bit of a hard time when I hit the lace section but in the end, that went well too.

The result I love!

FO Portia3

No Modifications

The pattern calls for a yarn that yields a gauge of 22 stitches over 4 inches/10cm and that is exactly Grace-Silk & Wool's gauge. I like my hats to be very slouchy so I decided to go up a needle size and instead of a US 6, I choose to work with a US 7 hoping for a more bigger beret and my plan worked out fine (phew). I did exactly what the pattern wanted me to do and did not bump into errata. Just the way I like it.

How did I like the yarn?

LH Grace-Silk and Wool

Delicious, just delicious this Grace-Silk & Wool by Louisa Harding. This blend of silk and merino just slides like butter through your fingers and feels light and lofty. It literally made my mouth water... no joke.

Lace Pattern in Portia

The sitch definition is just gorgeous thus perfect for intricate lace patterns. Besides that, it feels wonderful close to your skin! I am thinking of making a cardigan with this yarn. I have nothing but praise for Grace-Silk & Wool! Bravo Louisa Harding!

Thanks for reading and untill the next entry...

Beach and red surf board


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This is a beautiful hat...and

This is a beautiful hat...and so is mine: ) I cherish it and you!!!!

My seaming skills leave much

My seaming skills leave much to be desired, so I usually tend to avoid patterns which are not knit in the round. That beret is SO adorable, though. I may have to rethink seaming in the future! ;-)

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