Finished: Flower Basket Shawl



PatternFlower Basket Shawl
DesignerEvelyn A. Clark
Yarn: 1.5 balls of Venezia Worsted by the brand Cascade
Needles: Addi Turbo 24″ circ. US# 9
Cast on date: March 17, 2010
Cast off date: March 20, 2010


I am completely smitten by this project! All the stars in my knitting heaven ligned up and the result is simply gorgeous...

The yarn: Venezia Worsted by Cascade

Hands down and bar none, this delicious merino/silk blend called Venezia worsted by the brand Cascade is my all time favorite yarn. It is absolutely a pleasure to knit with, but most importantly, it holds up so very well.

I have made many project with this yarn. Remember my Tubey sweater?

Finished Tubey

And how about my "Attitude Sweater"?


Need I rave more about this yarn? Nuff said, methinks, but just in case you missed that blogpost I dedicated to Venezia, read all about it here:  Cascade Venezia

The pattern: Flower Basket Shawl

New Chapter1

This wonderfully written pattern is easy to read and easy to follow.

Besides lace charts, Evelyn A. Clark also provides the fully written instructions. This is especially convenient if charts are a bit of a challenge to read.

What I also love about this pattern, is how multiple gauges are given (lace -, fingering -, dk - and worsted weight). Also, one can choose what size to knit (shawlette, small shawl and large shawl).

I am so happy I chose this pattern for my very first triangular lace project. It was literally easy peasy cruisin'!

Blocking lace...sigh...


To see your knitted lace reveal its complete beauty once it is washed and blocked... dear knitter... this brings me infinite joy.

This part leaves me gasping for air, while my heart skips a bit or two...


Oh the beauty... I am not deserving of it...




Oh Nancy, stop being so dramatic. What's next?

Next up is a triangular shawl called Springtime Bandit, designed by the very talented Kate Gagnon Osborn.

I first learned about Kate's design talent, when my friend Elizabeth wore her Springtime Bandit Shawl:

Springtime Bandit2

I fell in love with it and for a year now, I have been wanting to knit this beautiful shawl. I even wrote an entire blogpost about it: Springtime Bandit.

A year ago, I could not find a suitable yarn in a suitable color.

But guess what...I found the perfect match:


Yet again Venezia worsted but now in a deep blue!

It goes so well with my new cherry bomb earrings. I am such a girly girl...

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!






I am so pleased to read your

I am so pleased to read your recommendation of Cascade Venezia. I am knitting the Minimalist Cardigan with Venezia -- after all that moss stitch, I'm glad to know it will hold up well!

I love all the knitting here,

I love all the knitting here, but those earrings! Cutest ever. Hope you are settling in nicely.

Nancy, you look so beautiful

Nancy, you look so beautiful and happy. I love this shawl!!!!! Saying hi from Palo Alto: )

this just came out beautiful!

this just came out beautiful! hope you are enjoying wearing it!

Springtime Bandit might possibly be one of my favorite things i have ever knit. i was thinking recently of making another one!

The color is FABULOUS! I

The color is FABULOUS! I really love red. BTW: I think we can do an East Bay LYS tour on either Sat 1/3 or Sun 1/4 - but that's Easter and some of the shops might be closed. I have three shops in mind. Let me know if it works for you. take care.

Beautiful shawl. The color

Beautiful shawl. The color looks really great on you.

stunning!!!! you do such

stunning!!!! you do such gorgeous work

these are fantastic! You are

these are fantastic! You are incredible Nancy.

Love it! Nice styling, too!

Love it! Nice styling, too!

Wauw wat een prachtige sjaal!

Wauw wat een prachtige sjaal!
Echt fantastisch.
Heel mooi inderdaad die foto met bloem in je haren.
Liefs Charly

Love the photo with the

Love the photo with the flower in your hair--looks like you are doing a flamenco. Very nice!

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