Finished: Bamboo Vine Lace Tunic


Bamboo Vine Lace Tunic

Pattern: My own design.
Yarn: 3 skeins of Farmhouse Bonnie’s Bamboo
Needles: Addi’s circ 32″ US 7
Cast on date: Friday, June 27, 2008
Cast off date: Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bamboo, what a wonderful fiber!

I am in love with bamboo... and I am in love with my bamboo tunic! It shines so beautifully and its heavy drape I heart. I am so incredibly inspired by this strong yet elegant and feminine fiber.

Inspiration for this tunic I found in a book called Knitting Lingerie Style. While browsing through the patterns, I found this:

Knitting Lingerie Style Knitting Lingerie Style2 Knitting Lingerie Style3

I was especially taken by the little bit of Vine Lace used by the designer in the neckline and bottomline. So I took that idea and incorporated it into my own design:

Bamboo Vine Lace Tunic4 Bamboo Vine Lace Tunic8

Bamboo is so incredibly drapey. It is the drapiest yarn I have ever worked with. You can see in these pictures what it does:

Bamboo Vine Lace Tunic7 Bamboo Vine Lace Tunic6

But honestly, the photos do not do it justice. You should see how it hangs elegantly around the body and how it flows and moves while you walk. I am so taken by this fiber. More than I have ever been by any other fiber.

Bamboo grows considerably after washing!

Please keep in mind that bamboo's gauge changes considerably after washing. It grows in length as well as in width so please do yourself a favour and make a gauge swatch and then WASH it before you measure your gauge! That way you will not face unpleasant surprises when you wash your finished garment for the first time! Also I have come to the conclusion that bamboo has a very strong will of its own. It is not only heavy, but it has a heavy drape. So forget about very fitted garments in this fiber!

Very content with the outcome

At first I was not so taken by the outcome of my project. This however, changed once I washed it and blocked it! I am so content!

Bamboo Vine Lace Tunic1 Bamboo Vine Lace Tunic3

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Beautiful design! Love the

Beautiful design! Love the lace modifications and the gorgeous drape you achieved with the bamboo.

I have to compliment you

I have to compliment you again on your wonderful design! It looks fantastic!

I want to make the cabled

I want to make the cabled fingerless gloves for my daughter who since breaking her wrist gets rheumatism. Therefore I need to make them longer, how do I go about this? Kind regards

I love it Nancy ! That

I love it Nancy !
That bamboo is really amazing ! And so is your work offcourse :-)

It's lovely, Nancy. You ar a

It's lovely, Nancy. You ar a designing and knitting machine!

I love how the bamboo takes

I love how the bamboo takes that lace. Really beautiful. Lovely work, as always.

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