Finished: Bamboo Summer Shell


Bamboo Summer Shell2

Pattern: My own design.
Yarn: 2 skeins of Farmhouse Bonnie’s Bamboo
Needles: Addi’s circ 32″ US 7
Cast on date: Thursday, July 03, 2008
Cast off date: Sunday, July 06, 2008

I can't help myself

  Really... I cannot help myself... all I am doing is knitting, knitting, knitting. Don't ask me how my house looks like. Don't ask me about the piles of laundry. Cooking? What is that? All I want to do is knit.

Bamboo Summer Shell1


Pattern stitch Open Double Wing

I very much like lace pattern "Open Double Wing" from one of Barbara Walker's pattern books. It is a 8 row repeat lace pattern and it is so incredibly easy to follow! So I made a swatch and decided to use it in my Bamboo Summer Shell.

Open Double Wing stitch pattern


The shell pattern? Easy Peasy!

Question for you all: What is exactly the difference between a shell/tank/camisole? I really don't know... I just called mine "shell".

My shell looks kind of fitted, but really, there is absolutely no shaping applied in this pattern. I Just casted on 170 stitches, did 4 repeats of the Open Double Wing pattern and then changed to stockinette stitch.

After 70 rounds, I just shaped the armholes. The neckline I just casted off in a straight line. That's it. No finishing folks. Love easy patterns like that; simple and straight forward.

Bamboo Summer Shell5 Bamboo Summer Shell3

Am I loving the outcome? Eh... it's cute... it's a little something something. I really did not put much effort in it. I mean, you see tops like this one all over the place...

What's next?

I am very excited about my next project. I am going to work with a lace weight yarn and US #2 or #3 needles. I want to make a light summery little sweater with batwings. My "inspiration" I got from a knitwear designer based here in Portland. Her business is called "Souchi" and she makes very stylish knitwear with an equally "stylish" pricetag.

I cannot afford her stuff, but I can certainly try to knit this cute sweater of her's called Batwing myself!

I very much LOVE Souchi's designs... If I had a lot of money, I would totally buy her stuff!

Loads of money I have not. Just give me a pair of needles and some strand and I'll figure something out.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!



I just came across you blog

I just came across you blog and have to comment on your Summer Shell. It is stunning! What beautiful work you design. Do you publish your works? If not you should! My compliments to you!

lovely! How i envy all your

lovely! How i envy all your knitting time and the beautiful garments you produce. Someday I will find a moment to knit again!

My house is a bit of a mess

My house is a bit of a mess too, although I haven't gotten much knitting done.

I think a camisole has thin, spaghetti straps (and used to be only an undergarment), a tank has thicker straps, and a shell is a summery top that has a boat neck, v-neck, or crew neck. Tank and shell are usually interchangeable. That's my usage.

Ooooh, that Souchi stuff. So gorgeous, elegant, and simple. And so expensive...(time to go save pictures for inspiration!)

Looks wonderful!

Looks wonderful!

Your shell is beautiful, and

Your shell is beautiful, and it looks like the yarn was perfect for it, too. Congratulations!

Nancy, you simply amaze me.

Nancy, you simply amaze me. You truly were born to design and knit. I can see you having a book (or more) some day.

The shell/tank/camisole is beautiful (and I can't answer your question, as I don't know the difference, either!). It's very flattering on, too. :-)

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