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When I was a little girl, I would always look forward going to Amsterdam's coolest swimming pool called "Het Mirandabad". I was particularly drawn to the whirlpool section called 'the vortex'; shaped in a circle, one could slip into the vortex and let the very strong and warm bubbly current take you away.

I remember my very first time jumping in the vortex. Instead of having fun and just go with the strong current flow, I freaked out, slipped, went under and came up gasping for air while clinging onto to a bar. Luckily, the supervisor saw that I was in trouble and plucked me out of the vortex, while softly saying to me: "Maybe you are not ready for this, little girl."

I can still feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

Jumping in the vortex that is called NYC

NYC is grand, magnificent, exciting, bubbly, energetic, magical...but also quite intimidating at times. Especially down under in the subway catacombs during rush hour.

The overwhelming wave of people, the thick and muggy air can sweep you off your feet and combined with loud noises of multiple trains arriving or rumbling by, it's enough to almost FREAK ME OUT. 

No supervisor this time to pluck me out of the vortex. I'd better get used to it and be on my way, whether I like it or not. So, I put my big girl panties on, and deal with it. 

This ain't Portland anymore, Nancy!

An eventful weekend 

You've got to take the good things with the bad. And believe you me, there are some GOOD GOOD things going on in NYC! 

Maker Faire 2010 NYC

Last Friday, Vogue Knitting issued a call for volunteer knitting teachers to help out TNNA at the Makers Faire held in Queens. I seized the opportunity and last Saturday I found myself in "The Stitch Zone" teaching knitting and crochet. It was so much fun, I was so happy to be among knitters, crocheters and fiber enthusiasts. 

I met so many cool people, had great conversations and simply soaked up all the good energy. It truly revived me being among people that make beautiful creations with their own to hands. See, those are my people!

Maker Faire 2010 NYC

Here a list with pictures of the cool booths I visited, enjoy!

Lovely Heather from HelloMello Handspun, spinning yarn:

Maker Faire 2010 NYC

Super cute Aviva Kleiner with her wonderful creations:

Maker Faire 2010 NYC Maker Faire 2010 NYC Maker Faire 2010 NYC

Adorable crochet goodness by Christen Haden, writer of the website Needlenoodle and the book Creepy Cute:

Maker Faire 2010 NYC Maker Faire 2010 NYC Maker Faire 2010 NYC

Awesome crochet jewelry by Muggytuesday, I bought a pair of pineapple earrings from her. Score!

Maker Faire 2010 NYC Maker Faire 2010 NYC Maker Faire 2010 NYC

Illustrations by Jaime Zollars just ROCKED MY WORLD! I was so taken by her work, it struck a cord with me in a BIG way. I bought some cards from her, but wished I could bring home one of her awesome prints...

Maker Faire 2010 NYC

And last but certainly not least, creations by Faune Yerby! I met Faune in Portland, she visited yarn shop Close Knit and I bump into her in Queens! It's a small small fiber world... You can see Faune's work at: and

 Maker Faire 2010 NYC Maker Faire 2010 NYC

Of course there were many other booths with creations other than fibre and needle arts, but it was simply too much to cover all of them. 

It was my first time at a Maker Faire and hopefully it will not be my last!

Then last Sunday, I went to Brooklyn to experience the Atlantic Antic Faire but, doh, I forgot to put the battery in my camera... 

And now I am exhausted. So much fun fun things in NYC, I just can't keep up with everything...

Finding my groove

Slowly but surely, I am finding my groove in NYC. I just got to focus on what encaptures me in a good way, and the rest will follow. Also, I've got to give myself some time to get comfortable among the millions and millions of New Yorkers. It's quite full already, but there is a place for little old me too. I am sure of it.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

"Toto, I've a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore...We must be over the rainbow!"



Getting 'Stella' with it

...the episode in which Nancy gets her groove back!  I am so happy for you and proud of you for teaching at this event!  You and I fell in love with knitting at about the same time, and just look at you!  You're awesome, lady!  And I miss your encouraging words when I walk into CloseKnit.  I bet everyone you taught left just glowing with a feeling of accomplishment!Tracie

Hi Tracie

So nice of you to leave a comment! I miss being at the shop and seeing all of the beautiful things you are making :)

New York

Hi, Nancy:We moved from Portland to NY in 1986, and back to Portland in 1995. It was overwhelming to me at first, but I eventually found my way. You will, too! So very different than Portland, but fun it its own way. Best of luck to you!Michele/pdxknitterati

Never knew that!

Hi Michele, I didn't know that you lived in New York! You lived there for a good 9 years... New York is so "in your face", isn't it? Glad I am not the only one that feels overwhelmed :)  Sometimes I think I am the only one!

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