Final Days in San Francisco

Full Moon over East Bay San Francisco

                                      Full Moon over the East Bay in San Francisco

At long last, my final days in San Francisco have arrived. Allthough I have been here since last March, I have not planted my roots in San Francisco soil for I knew that being here was only for a short amount of time.

In a week, we will be heading to our final desitination: New York City.

The very first time I visited New York City was in October 2001. I remember how intimidated I was, I felt like a deer in headlights and all I wanted to do was stay in my boyfriend's appartement and watch the hustle and bustle of the lower East Side of Manhattan from behind the window.

Now, almost 9 years later, I will return with more confidence and am very ready for New York City. I strongly believe it is time for us to become very dear friends!

My life over the past 5 years has been very transient. Together with my husband I have traveled all over the United States of America and staid for a good amount of time in Portland, Oregon. However, my time in Portland was also transient... 

Now it is time to finally stay put and that will be in the Empire State. 

I have a thousand butterflies in my belly... 

Thanks for reading and until the next entry



Wauw wat een ontzettend leuk

Wauw wat een ontzettend leuk nieuw avontuur!Ik ben benieuwd naar je New York City adventures.Liefs Charly 

My very best of luck to you.

My very best of luck to you. I will be excited to read of your new adventures. 

How exciting! Can't wait to

How exciting! Can't wait to read your blog posts about the Big Apple.

Best of luck to you on your

Best of luck to you on your cross-country trek to your final destination!!  How very exciting!!

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